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Perak Theatre Festival 2013


Theatre lovers who witnessed the Perak Theatre Festival 2013 were not disappointed. Spanning a period of three days beginning June 14 to 16 and held at the Perak Arts and Culture auditorium in Jalan Caldwell, Ipoh, the festival was organised in the form of a competition between four theatre groups that took part.

Perak Theatre Festival 2013

The objective was to heighten the level of local theatre performance, as well as to encourage interaction among the theatre enthusiasts. It was also aimed at preparing the theatre groups so they could perform at the coming Malaysia Theatre Festival 2013.

The participants performed two plays, one a monologue drama and the other a modern drama.

Screams of joy were heard when head judge, Associate Professor Dr Abdul Samat Salleh, declared Badan Budaya Perak as this year’s champion. The team won RM3000 while first runner-up, MKD Kinta Theatre Group and second runner-up, Pertubuhan Bangsawan Warisan Moraza Theatre Group received RM2000 and RM1000 respectively.