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Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year


Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year - 1

Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year - 3Three years ago, on November 30, 2010, Ipoh Echo highlighted in its editorial about a “haven not yet lost” in reference to one Peter Chan “whose love for Ipoh was second to none.” In spite of “his foreign affiliations he foresaw a demand in luxury condominiums in Ipoh” and set about to build three towers against the backdrop of a pristine tropical jungle with an imposing rock as its centerpiece. Peter Chan’s Haven Lakeside Residence in Tambun is now almost complete with over 90 per cent of apartment units taken up.

Many have underestimated the resolve of this man while some had the audacity to dismiss him as a fake. But as soon as his project began to take shape they went on a witch hunt to put him out to pasture for good.

The ugly side of business rivalry began in earnest. Rumours were being deliberately circulated to deride Peter Chan and his project. “I had so many cancellations. Some were for no apparent reasons other than a nagging spouse who was not in favour of the locality. It’s so frivolous and also discouraging,” he lamented. Peter’s perseverance, fortunately, is his strong point. He remained unshakable.

Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year - 2

Every cloud has a silver lining, so goes the oft-quoted proverb. Peter’s silver lining comes in various shapes and sizes, if the shape, size and colour of his awards are anything to go by. Today, after having won 18 national and international awards for his high-rise condominium project, the only one of its kind in Ipoh and, by extension, Perak; Peter Chan can no longer be taken for granted.

Adding to his growing list of awards and, probably the most prestigious and most acclaimed nationwide, is the Property Man of the Year Award. The Malaysian Reserve, a premier business daily, picked thirteen developers to grace its fourth edition of The Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award 2013 held at the glitzy ballroom of the Kuala Lumpur Ritz Carlton on Friday, November 8.

And having bagged this momentous property award, Peter Chan stands tall among the accomplished and the renowned developers in the country. In his acceptance speech, Peter rightly pronounced that the award was a timely recognition and acknowledgement for small-time players like him in the industry. A fine accomplishment for a grossly misunderstood man who had fulfilled a dream despite the staggering odds.

Kudos to you, Peter Chan. You have made Ipoh proud.

Peter Chan – Property Man of the Year - 4


Peter Chan Bags Another Award


The Haven IpohIt is definitely an acknowledgement of sorts for Peter Chan’s onerous struggle to put Ipoh and, in default, Perak, on the world map. His project, the Haven Lakeside Residences in Tambun earned him another prestigious property award recently. And this time around it is not the run-of-the mill “back-patting” award that is reserved for those who tow the line for some inexplicable reasons.

The Editors Choice Property Awards, incidentally, is given to projects, services, companies or personalities which editors feel have contributed to the betterment of the property market over that particular year. The editors who do the bidding are from publications that dabble in properties, namely the Malaysian Reserve, Get Real of the Malay Mail and the independent Property Times.my. Their credentials are significantly attractive to warrant their views and comments in arriving at a conclusive decision on the winners of the award.

The Editors Choice 2012 Property Awards was held at the ballroom of the Sunway Resort and Spa in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya on Friday, November 23. Peter was one of the winners in the Personalities and Companies category, one of the four in contention. He bagged the Best Perak Developer Award thus proving his temperament as a developer of standing in Perak. The fact that he had won the same award not once but twice is an excellent endorsement of his ability to meet challenges head-on.

The selection of winners is a rigorous process that involves the evaluation of reports plus onsite inspections of properties before a conclusive decision is made. Past and present articles written on the short-listed properties are a major criterion in the selection process. The fact that property publications took the trouble to highlight Peter’s Haven Lakeside Residences vis-à-vis its role in preserving the environment is proof of his insistence on quality and adherence to local needs. Peter Chan’s achievement in a market marked by uncertainties peculiar to Ipoh is the icing on top of the cake. Suffice to say that he has come a long way to be where he is today. The Haven Lakeside Residences in Tambun should no longer be viewed with askance.

Kudos Peter, you have done Perak proud.


Haven Musical Extravaganza


ipoh echo issue 142, the haven, peter chan, Juwita SuwitoPeter Chan of Haven Lakeside Residences Tambun is never short of ideas when it comes to entertaining friends and clients. His idea of an endearing evening with his associates is a continental dinner with the accompaniment of music and songs within the cool ambience of his “real estate” – ‘Where else but the Haven’. The occasion was warranted, as Peter’s project is near completion. So on Saturday, April 14 a steady stream of dignitaries, consisting of the Who’s Who of Ipoh’s society, made their way to the Roof Top Garden of the Haven Show Gallery to do justice to Peter’s beckoning. It was well worth the attendance. Guests dined amidst the splendours of a green background with the trademark rock in full view from the terrace. Juwita Suwito’s rendition of her cover pieces brought back the bliss of the moody 1990s and early 2000s. The songs, the music and the food were simply incomparable. Peter, with one touch of the magic wand, you have transformed Tambun and this writer. Cheers.


Haven Fetes Its Customers

The Haven - Peter Chan
Peter Chan, CEO of Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd

Tambun’s Haven Lakeside Residences, developed by Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd, held a dinner to fete its customers recently. Contractors, suppliers, bankers, valuers, consultants, and purchasers were invited to view completed units and to enjoy some merriment, courtesy of the developer.

On track to be completed by middle of next year, the structure of all three towers compromising 26 floors, with 497 units, has been completed. Works on the jogging track is near completion and the swimming pool will start after Chinese New Year. Peter Chan, CEO of Superboom Projects Sdn Bhd remarked that the Haven has passed the half-way mark in sales with almost 70% of the condominiums sold. The condos are said to have the lowest selling price per square feet in the country for luxury condos. Sales to locals are in excess of 50%. The current prices are a bargain, as it is not yet reflective of its status as a resort condo. This is confirmed by Chris Boyd, Malaysia’s Executive Chairman of CBRE, the world’s largest realtor. The Haven won the Best Resort Condo Award in the country last year.

Guests visited the different kinds of units available at the site. Surrounded by a 4-ha hilly terrain fringed by pristine tropical forest, the Haven comes with high quality finishing and eco-features like solar energy and rainwater harvesting. Every inch of each unit is put to good use, as the design is meticulous. There is no need for renovation, unless the owner requests. Buyers present at the function were overjoyed with their purchases and voiced their appreciation openly.

Incidentally, the purchasers have contributed a congratulatory ad to show their appreciation to the developer (see page 7). This is probably the first time ever a developer is appreciated in public by his customers.