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Appreciating Teachers


National Teachers' day - SK Raja Perempuan Muzwin, Kuala Kangsar The Guru Penyayang (Compassionate Teacher) Programme was launched by Education Director-General, Dato’ Seri Abdul Ghafar Mahmud at the school hall  in conjunction with the National Teachers’ Day celebration recently.

The programme’s objective is to establish a closer relationship between students and teachers. It is expected to be implemented by all schools in the country by year’s end though it is not made compulsory.

The programme requires students and teachers alike to get to know one another on a more personal basis. Students are encouraged to show their appreciation for their teachers throughout the year and not only on teachers’ day. Teachers, on the other hand, will reward students’ achievements and are required to remember their birthdays.

A mentor-mentee relationship will therefore be established. Students will then be able to confide in their teachers should they have problems at home.

To get the event going, a group of teachers greeted students as they arrived in school. Teachers and students whose birthdays fell in the month of May received goodie bags and cards from the school. A congenial start to the programme was thus ensured.