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Spunk’s Legacy


Pet NGO spokesman Anthony Thanasayan (in wheel chair) handing a memo to MBI Secretary Dato Abdul Rahim

The death of Spunk, the senior therapy dog and companion to an elderly woman which was shot by MBI enforcement officers early this month despite having a license will not be in vain.

Because of him all dogs will continue to live and all pet lovers can rest easy.

This is because the “Shooting of dogs in Ipoh will be banned with immediate effect”. The order to effect this was given by MBI Secretary Dato Hj Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Ariff this morning after meeting with a half dozen animal welfare and rights groups.

The shooting created an up-roar amongst pet NGOs who stated that the shooting of dogs was inhumane.

The NGOs present today were Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), Noah’s Ark Ipoh, The Sanctuary Ipoh, SPCA Selangor and the Malaysian Animal-Assistant Therapy for Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive). Also present were officers from the State Department for Veterinary Services.

MBI’s sub-committee, which was formed after the shooting of Spunk, will now work very closely with the Veterinary Services Department and NGOs on how to handle stray dogs. Some of the measures proposed were to establish a pound for animals that were caught as well as the methods to be used to capture the animals.

NGO spokesperson, Anthony S. B. Thanasayan of Petpositive based in Selangor, said that Rahim would send a team from MBI next week to visit MPPJ and DBKL to study how the councils there caught dogs in a humane manner as well as its spay/neuter campaign.

Thanasayan said that the best outcome of the meeting though was that MBI would be visiting Spunk’s owner to apologise to her.