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Bring Back Boating in Taman D R Seenivasagam


A. JeyarajiSpeak

By A. Jeyaraj

Back in the old days many parents brought their children to Taman D R Seenivasagam for recreation. Boating in the scenic fish pond was one of the main attractions and was popular with children and adults. When I looked at the photos on the internet which were taken in those days, I noticed that the place looked very clean and beautiful. However, I did not come across photos with the boats.

Recently, when I visited the pond I realised that it has been neglected for quite some time and is not being maintained. The boating activity disappeared some time back. The water is dirty and filled with garbage. The trees which have fallen into the pond have not been removed. The sides of the pond are not properly maintained. There is no grill in the drain flowing into the pond to stop the garbage entering into the pond.

Taman D R SeenivasagamThe plants and flowers grown at the sides of the bridges crossing the pond are not maintained. Wild plants and trees are growing. The abandoned boat landing is still there and is an eyesore. The dustbins are not emptied and are overflowing. More dustbins are needed at strategic locations. There is no proper walkway along the perimeter of the pond.

There are a number of fallen trees and garbage around the pond which has not been removed. The bamboo shoots growing along the edge are not trimmed. Silting has occurred in certain places.

Taman D R SeenivasagamWhen I was there, an old man was catching small fishes from the pond. If small fishes are caught, how is the fish population going to be maintained?

The place is still popular and I saw many parents bringing their children to see and feed the fishes with bread. The children enjoy the sight of voracious freshwater fish shoving each other for a tiny bite of bread.

What Ipohites expect is the pond to be restored to the condition it was in the good old days. If it could be done then, I do not see any reason why it cannot be maintained now with new technology and the additional manpower that MBI has. This popular tourist attraction and landmark of Ipoh must not be neglected.

The public are not expecting too much from MBI. They want Ipoh to be maintained as it was during the Seenivasagam era. Ipoh used to be the trendsetter for the country.


City Parks’ Ponds Restocked


The theft of ornamental fish from the Japanese Garden pond within Taman DR (D.R. Seenivasagam Park) was highlighted during the recent launch of the Ipoh International Waiters Race 2013. Taking note of the loss,  Dato’ Lee Seng Hee of Team Keris Bhd came forward, to not only replace the “stolen” fish at Taman DR but to release 500 new fish into the Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz (Polo Ground) pond.

City Parks_ Ponds RestockedThere will be some 30 varieties of Koi, ranging from those with colourful scales to those without scales. The fish, at about 12cm in length, can grow to about 100cm in five years.

Two years ago, Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim had forked out his own money to buy 2000 ornamental fish and had them released into Taman DR’s Japanese Garden pond. The objective was to strengthen ties with Fukuoka, Ipoh’s twin city. However, irresponsible visitors to the park have stolen the fish.

Roshidi thanked Lee for his generosity. Team Keris Bhd, incidentally, is actively involved in beautifying Ipoh through its “1000 Parks Project”. The mayor warned those who intend on doing the unthinkable, to stay away from the two ponds. “Those caught stealing will be charged under Section 379 of the Penal Code,” he told reporters.

Lee presented the mayor with a special shirt printed with the Kohaku Koi fish, named M Legend. He urged the public to feed the fish with proper fish pellets, not just any food. A similar fish-releasing programme will be organised at Gunung Lang next month. Lee suggested that City Council declare a one-day environmental day for Ipohites to appreciate the beauty of the city. The mayor was receptive to the suggestion.

Roshidi later presented a mock cheque for the sum of RM11,111.11 to SAC Zulkapli bin Ahmad for the Lahad Datu Heroes’ Fund. The sum donated came from MBI Councillors’ Club, MBI Senior Officers’ Club, MBI Sports Club, MBI Cooperative Ltd, Puspanita and personal contributions.


Mayor’s Justification Not Valid


By Jerry Francis

Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim seems to be satisfied that Ipoh need not necessarily be as clean as during the era of the Seenivasagam brothers.

He stressed that the area under the city council now is many times bigger than it was in the sixties. Hence on the basis of this, he added, there is no justification in comparing the cleanliness of Ipoh now with that during the Seenivasagam era. This was told to the residents of Kampung Tersusun Buntong during one of his “turun padang” (meet the people) programmes recently. The residents had complained about clogged drains, uncollected rubbish and problem with stray cattle.

Such a conclusion was not easily accepted by most residents. In fact some of them rang Ipoh Echo criticising Roshidi’s justification. They claimed that the Mayor was merely finding an excuse for the failures of the city council to keep a clean image of the city.

There is no doubt the city’s jurisdiction has expanded over the years but then so has the manpower in the city council. It is estimated that there are over 2,700 employees now compared to just a few hundred before Ipoh was upgraded from a municipality to a city 23 years ago. So, the manpower too is “many times” bigger.

The city council’s office had also moved from a congested complex at Jalan Tun Sambanthan to an impressive multi-storey complex at Dataran MBI in Greentown.

Therefore, if any fair comparison is to be made between then and now one must look at Taman D.R. Seenivasagam, which has not expanded ever since it was set up in 1970. It still covers an area of 14 hectares.

It was then a premier family recreation park. Despite just a handful of employees tasked to look after it, there were boating facilities at the artificial lake, as well as other facilities such as a ferris-wheel, merry-go-round, mini-train, dodgem cars, skating rink, traffic game and wading pool.

There was also a mini zoo with Seenivasagam’s pet honey bear as the centre of attraction and deer, while television sets were installed at various parts of the park and piped music streamed over the area. Every evening the park attendants, who were smartly dressed in orange tunics and blue trousers, were on duty directing traffic and maintaining the various facilities.

Parents would spend quality time with their children at the park at every opportunity they could get. It was a joy to see the children happily interacting and participating in the activities. Just ask those who grew up in the city in those days, and they will relate many happy memories of the Taman.

Now the number of employees maintaining the park is probably the same, if not more, yet the park has lost its glitter.

This is just an example; there are many other amenities within the city to which the city council needs to pay extra attention.

Giving the excuse that the city’s limit has enlarged as a justification for its failure to be efficient and to keep it clean will not hold water when the number of employees have also increased.

The city council should instead examine whether there is a need for greater supervision of the employees and whether they are dedicated in carrying out their tasks.

The city’s anti-dengue campaign too does not seem to be successful. Residents have been complaining that drains throughout the city are dirty.

However, much of the illegal rubbish dumps within the city have been cleared after they were highlighted by the press, including an ongoing campaign for cleanliness by Ipoh Echo.

I am surprised that the Mayor is now talking about his determination to bring back the city image as one of the cleanest in the country. Can he achieve it? Can he walk the talk? Of course he can, if he and the councillors and employees are determined to achieve the goal.