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Mariah’s Kuih Bangkit and Bahulu


Who would have thought that behind the mouth-watering kuih bangkit and bahulu is a story of hardship and struggle by one gutsy lady.

Mariah Dollah, 60, from Kampung Pulau Pisang in Malim Nawar became the sole breadwinner after the death of her doting husband over a decade ago. Not wanting to trouble her relatives with her problems, she struggled alone without much help from anyone. “I decided to eke out an honest living to raise my three daughters,” she told Ipoh Echo.

Mariah’s forte is baking Malay cookies the traditional way, a talent she acquired from her late grandmother. The income she obtained from the sale of her cookies has enabled her not only to put food on the table but to educate her three daughters until they were capable of standing on their own two feet.

Mariah has carved a niche for herself, as her cookies are being sought after by those in the know. She receives orders from near and far. Mariah bakes her cookies all year round to keep a constant supply in the market.

“The demand is greater during Hari Raya, weddings and on special occasions.” In spite of her tight schedule she manages herself wonderfully. She employs two helpers whenever the going gets tough. Otherwise, she is all by herself. “I work better alone,” she quipped.

Her white fluffy kuih bangkit is made from flour that has been fried without oil. The dough is then mixed with coconut milk and sugar before being baked. Her bahulu is golden and spongy but crispy when eaten. A container of 50 bahulu and kuih bangkit is sold for RM11 each.

Call 05-4773309 to  order.