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Appealing for Acceptance


University admissions seem to be the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. After all, this concerns the shaping of our country’s future leaders. Thus, a meeting with the students who got good grades but failed to get any places or the courses they favoured in public universities was held by MIC Youth Officer Sivarraajh Chandran at the State Secretariat Building on Friday, July 17.

Appealing for Acceptance

The meeting was attended by about 50 students who filed their complaints with him. Of the number, three cases were from students who got 4As (one of them wasn’t offered any places in universities). Most of them present applied for medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.

One of the students was Renuka Beulah a/p Kunalan, 20. She was ecstatic when she completed her STPM with a CGPA of 3.92 and applied for universities that offered medicine. She did an aptitude test for UKM but was instead offered biomedical science. Her mother, D. Selvarani, 48, could not afford to send her daughter to a private institution due to financial constraints. “Both of us are demoralised, especially Renuka as she had worked hard for her grades.”

Kushalini Rames, 19, did her matriculation in Penang and got all As. She did not receive any calls for interview but was offered chemical engineering at UKM instead of medicine or dentistry that she favoured.

Javendra Kumar, 19, aims to do medicine after completing his matriculation in Pahang with a CGPA of 3.85. He was, however, offered biology at UKM thus shattering his dreams of being a doctor, which was why he rejected a scholarship to study engineering after SPM.

Nur Aini Shaik Alaudeen obtained a Diploma in Marketing from POLIMAS. She got a CGPA of 3.83 and applied for business courses in five universities. She was shocked when none responded. “Does this mean polytechnic students are not good enough for public universities?”

Sivarraajh promised to take up the matter with the Education Ministry and find an amicable solution to the problem.