• GE14 and Perak

    GE14 And Perak

    At 4.50am on May 10, a day after Malaysia’s 14th General Elections (GE14) were held, Pakatan Harapan (PH) won majority seats in parliament, ending Barisan Nasional’s ( more

  • Customer Service in the Public Sector

    Customer Service In The Public Sector

    Cover Story By A. Jeyaraj, Joshua Jacob and Khaleeja Suhaimi In Issue 277 of Ipoh Echo we discussed customer service in retail and F&B outlets. In this issue we are more

  • Home-sharing Hospitality

    Home-sharing Hospitality

    Cover Story By Tan Mei Kuan and Ili Aqilah Yus Amirul In view of the increasing popularity of home-sharing hospitality especially within Ipoh, we spoke to both owners and guests more


  • The Dawn of a New Era

    The Dawn Of A New Era

    Malaysians bid farewell to 61 years of misrule and welcome the dawn of a new era filled with hopes and expectations

  • Is Suicide The Answer?

    Is Suicide The Answer?

    Zaidi’s quick thinking saved the distraught woman from certain death in a watery grave.

  • Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

    Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

    The Bill does not specify what amounts to fake news since the illustrations listed in it are narrow and not exhaustive.


  • 9's Grill & Cafe: SeeFoon Beefs Up on Ma...

    9's Grill & Cafe: SeeFoon Beefs Up On Ma...

    Every gourmet knows Wagyu (which literally means “Japanese cow”), the famous Japanese beef that fetches prices three more

  • SeeFoon eats her way around India

    SeeFoon Eats Her Way Around India

    What does the average non Indian person conjure up when thinking of Indian food? Curry and more curry eaten with Roti Canai or Chapati with some biryani rice thrown in for good measure.

  • SeeFoon Visits an Old Man

    SeeFoon Visits An Old Man

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Some of us have jaded palates. I admit to being one of them. It’s not that I am ungrateful when my friends invite me for roast suckling pig, Tualang more