• A Fiery Situation

    A Fiery Situation

    The whole nation was in shock when 24 people, mostly teenagers, were killed by fire as they were trapped behind a blocked exit and barred windows of their school dormitory.

  • Against Abuse in Ipoh

    Against Abuse In Ipoh

    The term “abuse” as defined by the Oxford dictionary is to “treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly”.

  • How Safe are You Online?

    How Safe Are You Online?

    According to police, advances in technology have resulted in an increase in cybercrime cases. However, are people aware of the many pitfalls they are exposed to while they are on more


  • Expressway Up For Grabs

    Expressway Up For Grabs

    If his bid is successful Sahid promises to not only widen but light up the whole stretch of the expressway.

  • The Practicality of Tahfiz Schools

    The Practicality Of Tahfiz Schools

    Why are such schools so popular with the Malay Muslim community? I’ll offer an answer, it has much to do with religion

  • Let's Be an Honest Host

    Let's Be An Honest Host

    Being the host nation we are never short of controversies, the most glaring being the upside-down Indonesian flag printed in the souvenir programme.