A cohort of 187 iLTI students of age seven to nineteen were presented with certificates from the Cambridge Assessment English at a prestigious ceremony at WEIL Hotel on Sunday, June 16.

The annual celebration recognised the passing of the Cambridge Assessment English exams, part of Cambridge University, across all certificate levels.

Students enjoyed their moment in the spotlight, as some gave speeches, some musical performances and all were presented with their certificates on stage.

Among the students who passed one of the highest levels, Cambridge Proficiency English (CPE / C2 Proficiency) examination, Lee Zhe Lin,17, said: “I never thought I could achieve the highest of English language proficiency. Before iLTI, my English was mediocre at best, like many others of my age.

“Even though I was sceptical at first, it was worth the effort, for without iLTI’s help I would not be able to realise my new love for English and appreciate all that it stands for,” Lee concluded.

Standard 4 student, Jacklyn Ng, 10, has been studying English at iLTI since she was seven years old. She enthused, “I wish to thank my parents for choosing iLTI for me to learn because iLTI is truly the best place for any child who wants to improve their English to the highest level. A special thanks to all our hard-working teachers, especially Miss Jenny.”

Guest of honour, Director of Institute Aminuddin Baki, Dr Mehander Singh A/L Nahar Singh spoke on the importance of education and the sacrifices made to invest in the future, “You will never know the sacrifices of your parents until you yourself become a parent someday.”

Long-standing Principal of iLTI Thomas Kok expressed, “iLTI held its first English Language Cambridge certification exam ceremony in 2001, 18 years ago. We’ve been successfully running these internationally recognised Cambridge courses for over 20 years.”

“Cambridge English exams are taken by five million students from 160 countries as a ticket to a top-flight education that opens the doors to a world of study, work or travel opportunities. More than 20,000 organisations worldwide accept Cambridge exams,” he added.

Established in 1986, iLTI is the longest established English language centre in Perak. To date, close to 40,000 students have studied English language at iLTI. And around 1500 children and adults attend classes every year at the popular English language centre along Jalan Raja DiHilir.

Supporting the Principal, Director of Educational Development Alister Bartholomew explained, “Globally universities are tightening language testing and a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised job market requires us to communicate effectively in English at a much higher level than before. We have to possess a deeper grasp of the language to make an impact on the local and foreign business communities. Many Malaysian students appear unprepared for this level of English mastery.

Through a tailored Masterclass series iLTI has introduced native speakers and practical guidance about personal statements, essays, resumes and public speaking. Apart from being a leading centre in Cambridge Assessment English, the institute covers all stages of English language learning from preschool to tertiary education. iLTI conducts more than 100 group and personal classes every week. In addition, it collaborates with businesses across the country to bring in-house training to professionals to allow businesses to upgrade their English to remain competitive.

For more information, visit ilti.edu.my, call the team at 05 255 3067 or drop by the centre at 6 Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350 Ipoh, from Monday to Sunday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

All Cambridge Achievers:

Leong Jing Cheong
Wan Poh Yi
Er Zi Xuan
Muhammad Aedam Danish
Bin Shaharuddin
Wong Miu En
Siew Jing Yang
Tam Yuk Q
M.Vel Dheemant Adityaa
Mok Xiang Qing
Lee Jo Han
Phon Yew Yip
Adam Chua Zi Yong
Devyasri D/O Sasitharan
Ahghilan S/O Ganeson
Khuan Wei Ying
Lee Tze Yik
Woo Xiu Hong
Shezhiya A/L Letchumanan
Yap Zhen Hao
Madusrry D/O Kumara Guru
Saddana D/O Kumara Guru
Jaynus Low
Poi Ji Ching
Ngoi Yee Ze
Choo Shan Lin
Wong Kai Hong
Janell Low Shin You
Lam Yu Joon
Chan Kar Hei
Oee Euan
Chai Juen Wei
Chen Jiet Lim
Chen Kang Tze
Wong Hao Yi
Lee Jing Er
Lee Tze Geng
Ryan Hooi Shen Kit
Lim Jia Jun
Prishalliny A/P Subramaniam
Wong Xin Ru
Ashley Hooi Yen Lyn
Ho Zhuo Heng
Tracy Mak Jie Ying
Kathryn Ng Pui Yan
Muhammad Khayr Eddin
Bin Md. Shah
Chan Xi Min
Goh Jia May
Jacklyn Ng
Ng Zhen Zhe
Kenny Liew Zhi Feng
Danesh A/L Thanasegar
Ng Zhen Cheng
Anson Liew Zi Hen
Gokulnaath A/L Ravindran
Sinmayasri A/P Ravindran
Akhiilarsh A/L Shuresh
Sor Jing Xuan
Yau Jee Wei
Arunothayan A/L Paul Sargunam
Khor Wei Yang
Soo Kean Hong
Soo Xin Tong
Chan Carolle
Chin Yi Tung
Ng Sheau Lih
Poon Sum Yu
Siew Kai Kei
Teng Min Jun
Wong Xuan Rou
Tan Ding Quan
Samuel Thoong Zhe Kai
Emily Choo Wei Tien
Low Jia Jia
Edward Chan Xiang Chee
Mok Xiang Yi
Sharvin S/O Rameshkumar
Christina Cheang Seow Ching
Boo Kai Teng
Nathan Chong Jun Yue
Tanisha A/P M. Kulasegaran
Sean Yoong Lok Mun
Wong Shu Jing
Woo Siu Yaw
Keerthesvary Kalaiselvan
Tan Yan Chi
Sean Hon Zheng Yang
Lim Pei Yan
Fong Wei Bin
Lee Chai Min
Yoong Hui Ying
Teh Wei Lin
Cassandra Aan D/O Francis
Kong Kai Yi
Phon Yew Foo
Tam Wan Ning
Mun Jun Xin
Kylie Soh
Woon Mei Yean
Chin Kai Qing
Tan Xiao Yang
Yong Siew Fei
Swetha A/P Sunthara Lingam
Wong Ke Qin
Tang Ming Yi
Winston Chai
Healesya A/P T Ellanggovan
Justin Chai Shao Qin
Chong Wan Ying
Oee Eugene
Jaedon Yip Mun Jun
Ho Zhuo Feng
Kok Li Tong
Yong Joe Ling
Kaielash Balanishanthan
Tan Hoong Rui
Thivyaa A/P Thanigasalam
Chin Jing Lie
Nur Sufi Zihni Ilm Binti Shafei
Au Yi Xuen
Shamita D/O Ganeson
Sharvin S/O Ganeson
Alice Ng See Wei
Ho Zi Ying
Avinarsh A/L Shuresh
Cheong Xin Chang
Teoh Cheng
Choo Wei Yan
Chew Sze Chin
Daniel Fadzlan Bin Abdullah
Angel Ng Pei Yee
Ng Yan Yi
Adam Teng Dao Foong
Tang Qiao En
Khor Sze Eing
Vissalan A/L Subramaniam
Wong Chee Ching
Thum Weng Yip
Previshnaa A/P Mani Raja
Kong Kai Yuan
Lee Chai Jin
Chin See Lim
Liew Ren Jie
Tan Kai Yee
Tan Xiao Quan
Ng Zhen Wen
Teh Wei Yong
Kuo Ai
Khoo Kok Lam
Pang Zi Hao
Ng Ho Lam
Lau Hao Wen
Balamuregan A/L
Sarwin Nathan
A/L Sunthara Lingam
Vesalleny A/P Subramaniam
Tharinni Ravendaran
Ng Sui Siang
Foong Weng Yee
Heng Zhi Hen
Woo Wei Kin
Jayshree A/P Jaya Selan
Kapill Dev A/L Sugamaran
Au Hin Zhi
Sarveishini A/P Yogendran
Wei Zheng Ye
Cheong Jia En
Lee Zhe Lin
Mandy Yee Hui Teng
Wong Cheng Jun
Lau Yee Lyn
Jonathan Lee Jian Meng
Chin Jun Being
Justin Teh Joo Kuan
Cheah Kit Ying
Puteri Madeeha Binti Azmi
Koo Xuan Ze
Lau Jia Ying
Lau Jia Yu
Tan Yee Wen
Sean Lee Chun Nian
Leong Yiu Hung
Jasima Banu Binti Akbar Khan
Liew Mei Xuan
Leong Siow Ling
Phang Xin Ee