• Cover Story: Everybody's Nephew

    Cover Story: Everybody's Nephew

    As the FMS Bar has opened again after 10 years “Under renovation” our thoughts turn to its history and its long-serving Barman Pang Chee Ein.

  • Cover Story:  A Religious Festival, Not a Celebration

    Cover Story: A Religious Festival, Not A Celebration

    The haunting chords of Indian traditional music, emanating from Hindu temples as well as street processions announces the more

  • Ipoh is a Chinese Town

    Ipoh Is A Chinese Town

    As the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) approaches our thoughts turn to the Chinese population of Ipoh and the Kinta Valley. Ipoh is a Chinese town or, to be politically correct, more

  • Expectations for 2019

    Expectations For 2019

      Ipoh Echo spoke to Perakeans from all walks of life in order to gauge their expectations for 2019 ranging from goals, resolutions to hopes in their respective fields and more

  • Pangkor Island Is More Than Just Seafood!

    Pangkor Island Is More Than Just Seafood!

    Pangkor Island, the Jewel of the Straits of Malacca, is located at the west coast of the Peninsular covering an area of 2200 hectares.

  • Fake or Real: Can You Tell the Difference?

    Fake Or Real: Can You Tell The Difference?

    The number of fake products is on the increase in Malaysia. Common ones are branded sneakers such as Adidas, Fila and Nike.

  • The Ipoh Renaissance - Old Town Out of Control!

    The Ipoh Renaissance - Old Town Out Of Control!

    Over the last three years or so, many international newspapers and magazines waxed lyrical about the Ipoh and how it was more

  • Ban Bad Straws

    Ban Bad Straws

      By Ili Aqilah Ipohites produced 500 to 520 tons of waste every day and the statistics will go up higher during festive seasons. The wastes comprise food, garden waste, more

  • What's Good in Kampar?

    What's Good In Kampar?

    Located just 38 kilometres away from Ipoh, it is believed that Kampar was founded in 1886 by Imam Prang Jabor at Keranji River.

  • SUKMA XIX Closes With a Bang

    SUKMA XIX Closes With A Bang

      Cover Story By Ili Aqilah Yus Amirul and Tan Mei Kuan The 19th SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia) Games bade farewell after 15 days of competition. Terengganu rose to the occasion more

  • Exploring Teluk Intan: Hidden and Go-to Gems

    Exploring Teluk Intan: Hidden And Go-to Gems

    Discover and rediscover Teluk Intan as we unveil the attractions ranging from the newest, the hidden as well as the go-to spots more

  • Sukma Games XIX 2018

    Sukma Games XIX 2018

    The Sukma Games (Sukan Malaysia, literally Malaysian Games) is a biannual national multi-sport event involving young athletes from the country’s 13-member states and Federal Territory.

  • Local Council Elections

    Local Council Elections

    Ahead of GE14, Pakatan Harapan (PH) made an unabashedly bold promise in their manifesto – to revive the now defunct local council elections.

  • Is Ipoh Pedestrian-Friendly?

    Is Ipoh Pedestrian-Friendly?

    Receiving accolades and attention internationally is no reason for Ipoh to stop recognising its flaws and shortcomings. Plenty more can be done by the authorities and Ipohites more

  • Depression: The Silent Killer

    Depression: The Silent Killer

    Depression is a mood disorder that affects the way one feels, thinks and in some cases, interferes with day-to-day activities. Unlike sadness, depression is characterized by more

  • Waking Up to Ipoh Coffee

    Waking Up To Ipoh Coffee

    Ipoh was recently listed as Asia’s top three best coffee cities, together with Chiang Mai and Tokyo, by the world’s largest travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet. more

  • Interview with Human Resources Minister

    Interview With Human Resources Minister

    Cover Story By Tan Mei Kuan Ipoh Echo had an exclusive one-on-one with newly-minted Human Resources Minister, M. Kulasegaran more

  • Perak's New Political Lineup

    Perak's New Political Lineup

    Following the unexpected results of the 14th General Elections on May 9, the eventual lineup of Perak’s state government was duly announced. Pakatan Harapan state chief, more

  • GE14 and Perak

    GE14 And Perak

    At 4.50am on May 10, a day after Malaysia’s 14th General Elections (GE14) were held, Pakatan Harapan (PH) won majority seats in parliament, ending Barisan Nasional’s ( more

  • Customer Service in the Public Sector

    Customer Service In The Public Sector

    Cover Story By A. Jeyaraj, Joshua Jacob and Khaleeja Suhaimi In Issue 277 of Ipoh Echo we discussed customer service in retail more

  • Home-sharing Hospitality

    Home-sharing Hospitality

    Cover Story By Tan Mei Kuan and Ili Aqilah Yus Amirul In view of the increasing popularity of home-sharing hospitality especially within Ipoh, we spoke to both owners and guests more

  • Is there Hiking in Ipoh?

    Is There Hiking In Ipoh?

    Perak is blessed with many hills and mountains that attract hikers and adventure seekers. Even intrepid foreigners come here to try their luck at navigating our “treacherous” terrain.

  • Customer Service Every Ipohite Deserves

    Customer Service Every Ipohite Deserves

    Are you getting the service you deserve? In this issue we discuss face-to-face customer service in retail and F&B outlets in more

  • U.S. Peter: The Iconic Tailor Shop

    U.S. Peter: The Iconic Tailor Shop

    Did you know that the present site of Burps & Giggles boutique cafe was formerly a tailor shop named U.S. Peter?

  • Enduring Restaurants in Ipoh

    Enduring Restaurants In Ipoh

    Ipoh is beginning to edge out Penang as the food capital of Malaysia. However, with Cafes and restaurants popping up all over Ipoh, it is difficult to keep track of the comings more

  • Crafting Tradition: Surname Lanterns

    Crafting Tradition: Surname Lanterns

    Cover Story By Tan Mei Kuan A beacon for cultural heritage, the surname lantern (also goes by the name of umbrella lantern or more

  • What's Trending in Ipoh

    What's Trending In Ipoh

    Just as we always enter the New Year with new resolutions, the same goes for our beloved city and its people. Every year, the preferences of Ipohites grow, change and evolve with more

  • Bringing Back Soul to Old Town

    Bringing Back Soul To Old Town

    of Ipoh’s Old Town is slowly being restored and while not to its former glory.

  • Shall We Dance?

    Shall We Dance?

    Modern dance is often referred to as a wide genre of theatrical dance. It began back in the 19th and early 20th Century in Germany and the United States.

  • Urban Poor in Ipoh

    Urban Poor In Ipoh

    Urban poor, whether in Ipoh or other major cities in the country are finding it harder to get by as the rising cost of living threatens to further erode their spending power.