• Editorial: Do It at Own Peril

    Editorial: Do It At Own Peril

    The authorities should recognise Orang Asli as the natives of the land with rights. Tijah wondered how the MB could make such an assumption without alluding to facts.

  • Letter: A Well-argued Piece

    Letter: A Well-argued Piece

      I wish to refer to your editorial titled, “Religion Is Everything” in Ipoh Echo Issue 308 dated July 16 to 31. ’ What goes around comes around. Well done...read more

  • It's a Matter of Perception

    It's A Matter Of Perception

    The endless complaints about our electric train service and how interns are being misemployed have much to do with perception.

  • Editorial:  Cash is King

    Editorial: Cash Is King

    Cash is not king when it is stolen from others or from public funds placed under your trust. That is stealing, pure and simple.

  • Editorial:  A Worrying Trend

    Editorial: A Worrying Trend

    The inability of many Malays to rise above the destructive rhetoric of old Malaysia’s bumiputra politicians is the saddest thing since GE14.

  • Editorial:  Now You See, Now You Don't

    Editorial: Now You See, Now You Don't

    Perak needs someone who can take the state to greater heights. Jesters, dodgers and pretenders are certainly not on the list.

  • Editorial:  The Numbers Game

    Editorial: The Numbers Game

      By Fathol Zaman Bukhari In mid-February the country was a buzzed with news that seven former Umno MPs had crossed over to Tun Mahathir’s party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu...read more

  • Editorial:  Fate of Kledang Hill

    Editorial: Fate Of Kledang Hill

      By Fathol Zaman Bukhari The Kledang Range, an offshoot of the Main Range has, since time immemorial, been a source of ins...read more

  • Pay or We'll Cut Supply

    Pay Or We'll Cut Supply

    Judging from the “altercation” the long-cherished marketing adage about customers being the king does not feature in TNB’s scheme of things.

  • Another Tumultuous Year Ahead?

    Another Tumultuous Year Ahead?

    According to Moody’s rating, real GDP growth for 2019 may drop to 4.7 per cent after averaging at 5 per cent in past years. It is definitely not a rosy prediction.

  • Year of Living Dangerously

    Year Of Living Dangerously

    The year is fast coming to a close. It is time once again to make conclusions about how the Year 2018 has impacted Malaysians, in general. The icing on the cake is, of course, the ...read more

  • Ridding Cabinet of Deadwood

    Ridding Cabinet Of Deadwood

    After five months on the job, it is becoming painfully clear that Maszlee does not have a clue as to what is bugging our education system and lacks the wisdom to correct it.

  • Spread of Wahhabism

    Spread Of Wahhabism

    Professor Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s damning statement that Muslims in Malaysia are “slowly but surely becoming radicalised” should not be taken lightly.

  • MEET DATIN Jane Doe

    MEET DATIN Jane Doe

    It gets a little nauseating when these titled persons insist on being addressed perpetually with their titles.

  • Healthcare for Veterans

    Healthcare For Veterans

    The project would be a public-private partnership with the army providing the land and the private entity, the finance.

  • Making Sense of Child Marriages

    Making Sense Of Child Marriages

    The continued inaction by the government over marriages involving minors is making Malaysia a haven for paedophiles  

  • Anwar's Dubious PD Move

    Anwar's Dubious PD Move

    The decision for Danyal to vacate his PD seat was orchestrated by some people with vested interest within PKR.

  • End of PH One Hundred Days

    End Of PH One Hundred Days

    Malaysians know the government cannot change a system so embedded in every layer of the society in just 100 days. More time is needed.  

  • The Week That Was

    The Week That Was

    The week-long session, August 6 to 13, had been cordial except for the many outbursts from both PH and BN assemblymen.

  • Let's Get To Work

    Let's Get To Work

    What Perakeans found most discomforting is the constant bickering over posts and appointments. When will Faizal and his merry men settle down to work?

  • Sympathy for Najib?

    Sympathy For Najib?

    Najib is no fool. He is playing to the gallery and is using sentiments to influence or perhaps browbeat simple-minded Malaysians into submission.

  • Faizal's Challenges Ahead

    Faizal's Challenges Ahead

    Faizal is relatively unknown in Perak. Being the underdog he is at a disadvantage but he is young, time is surely on his side.

  • The Malay Psyche

    The Malay Psyche

    The Malay psyche is not something difficult to fathom. It is the result of years of indoctrination by a political party that is long on hopes but short on ideas.

  • One Day in May

    One Day In May

      By Fathol Zaman Bukhari Although it is over three weeks since the 14th General Election on Wednesday, May 9, Malaysians on the whole, are still in awe with the unexpecte...read more

  • The Dawn of a New Era

    The Dawn Of A New Era

    Malaysians bid farewell to 61 years of misrule and welcome the dawn of a new era filled with hopes and expectations

  • Is Suicide The Answer?

    Is Suicide The Answer?

    Zaidi’s quick thinking saved the distraught woman from certain death in a watery grave.

  • Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

    Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

    The Bill does not specify what amounts to fake news since the illustrations listed in it are narrow and not exhaustive.

  • Working Illegally Abroad

    Working Illegally Abroad

    Why do they go to South Korea to look for jobs? Is it because of the pay factor or are jobs becoming scarce in Malaysia?

  • Kuok, Not Any Punching Bag

    Kuok, Not Any Punching Bag

    The premise that Kuok became super-duper rich because he was given a concession, a carte blanche to do business is very naïve.

  • A Cat and Mouse Game

    A Cat And Mouse Game

    There are laws prohibiting littering but they are seldom enforced, as the punishments do not reflect the severity of the offence.

  • Don't Gamble Your Future

    Don't Gamble Your Future

    Only 30 percent of the youths surveyed cared about politics. The rest are more concerned about the economy.

  • The Propensity to Distort History

    The Propensity To Distort History

    And to claim that only one particular race is responsible for the country’s well-being is definitely in poor taste.

  • Saving the Best for Last

    Saving The Best For Last

    So, what is in stock for us in 2018? There are five official long weekends and 11 public holidays to contend with.

  • Return of English-Medium Schools

    Return Of English-Medium Schools

    The revival of English-medium schools will not go down well with nationalists who insist that Bahasa Malaysia be the medium of instruction in the country

  • More are Owing Than Paying

    More Are Owing Than Paying

    Had loan repayment been consistent, PTPTN should have, by now, collected RM18.97 billion.

  • There's Still Hope

    There's Still Hope

    This unprecedented tragedy had brought both good and bad out of ordinary folks

  • Holier Than Thou

    Holier Than Thou

    This holier-than-thou stance is not benefiting the nation in any way, and the only people who will gain are the corrupt and the irresponsible.

  • Expressway Up For Grabs

    Expressway Up For Grabs

    If his bid is successful Sahid promises to not only widen but light up the whole stretch of the expressway.

  • The Practicality of Tahfiz Schools

    The Practicality Of Tahfiz Schools

    Why are such schools so popular with the Malay Muslim community? I’ll offer an answer, it has much to do with religion

  • Let's Be an Honest Host

    Let's Be An Honest Host

    Being the host nation we are never short of controversies, the most glaring being the upside-down Indonesian flag printed in the souvenir programme.

  • They Don't Make Sense

    They Don't Make Sense

    I don’t blame the system it is the people behind the system who are at fault.

  • Three In One

    Three In One

    I may not agree with the views of the group but isn’t the freedom to worship enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?