• Connexion:  A neighbouring state gets cleaner

    Connexion: A Neighbouring State Gets Cleaner

      By Joachim Ng Perak and Penang. A tale of two states with a common border. But once you cross the line, you may observe more

  • Connexion:  Find a spot for high scorers

    Connexion: Find A Spot For High Scorers

      By Joachim Ng Orang Cina Kaya! You will hear shop assistants mouthing this quite often, perhaps half jokingly. The more

  • Beliefs, your unseen core

    Beliefs, Your Unseen Core

      By Cornelia Tan Beliefs influence your attitudes and priorities. Attitudes and priorities influence your behaviour. Your behaviour influences your environment.  So more

  • Connexion:  Political garbage damaging environment

    Connexion: Political Garbage Damaging Environment

      By Joachim Ng Will you buy plastic silver? Perak, in addition to being a tourist destination, has joined other states more

  • Connexion:  Reformist way to end deadly scourge

    Connexion: Reformist Way To End Deadly Scourge

    Which household pet is responsible for 2800 people falling gravely ill per week on average? Victims crowd hospital wards seeking more

  • Giving and receiving

    Giving And Receiving

      By Cornelia Tan How many of us give in order to receive? We often think of giving like two-way traffic, with those who give expecting some kind of benefit from the other more

  • Three Urgent Tax Reforms Needed

    Three Urgent Tax Reforms Needed

    This can be a page from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: Malaysia will achieve high-income-nation status in 2020. However, 85% more

  • Interconnectedness of All Things

    Interconnectedness Of All Things

    The law of conservation of matter states that matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed. After the universe came into more

  • Pay your Tithe to an Honest Government

    Pay Your Tithe To An Honest Government

    The national treasury is quite bare with RM1 trillion in debt. Fortunately, patriotic citizens are pouring money into Tabung more

  • How the Buddha used his mind

    How The Buddha Used His Mind

    “We may not believe in God, but we certainly believe in godliness,” Buddhist chief high priest Venerable Dr K. Sri Dhammananda would quip to visitors at his Brickfields vihara.

  • Buddha's doorway to a real world

    Buddha's Doorway To A Real World

    Connexion By Joachim Ng On May 29 the nation marks Wesak Day to celebrate the birth of Gautama Buddha 2,581 years ago. Other more

  • Neighbourhood self-governance (Final part)

    Neighbourhood Self-governance (Final Part)

    Connexion By Joachim Ng In a matter of days you will be casting your vote for people who aren’t really close to you. A more

  • 3 Wise Gifts for Christmas

    3 Wise Gifts For Christmas

    Connexion By Joachim Ng Run to the stores if you haven’t bought your gifts yet! This is the season to be merry and spread Yuletide cheer. It’s good for the economy, more

  • Contracting a Difficult Business

    Contracting A Difficult Business

    There are more than 30,000 registered contractors in Malaysia. This ratio is likely to be amongst the highest in the world. more

  • To Age or Not to Age?

    To Age Or Not To Age?

    “I want to die a young man at a ripe old age” – Ashley Montagu This may seem trivial but it did spark a thought in me. Whenever I watch TV or read a magazine, I more

  • Acting Your Age

    Acting Your Age

      Two thousand years ago, Cicero suggested “it’s not old age that is at fault but our attitude towards it.” I wonder how would Cicero react if someone were more

  • When Do We Get Old?

    When Do We Get Old?

    Who is old?  What does old mean?  Who decides that you are old?  Who do you identify as old? When do you start being old? Is it age?  Do you automatically more

  • The Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant In The Room

    Dr Mahathir resigned from UMNO Baru and called everyone to come together to get rid of Najib. Is it to serve his own ends or for the national good? That is the billion dollar more

  • Let's Get Involved

    Let's Get Involved

      A friend said that Malaysians are often too wrapped up in making a living to be involved in activism. He’s too kind. The truth is most of us are selfish; as long as more

  • The Iron Rooster to Quanzhou

    The Iron Rooster To Quanzhou

    China’s high speed train covers most big cities in China. The first time I took the train when it started it seemed grander and faster. The posher part could be my memory more

  • Postcard from Shenzhen

    Postcard From Shenzhen

    Shenzhen was a small fishing and farming village of around 60 thousand inhabitants nearly 40 years ago.

  • The Passing of a Dedicated Coach

    The Passing Of A Dedicated Coach

    The legacy of the great long-time coach Foo Yock Meng left a lasting impression among the swimming fraternity in Malaysia, especially those in Ipoh.

  • The Quran Is Explicit

    The Quran Is Explicit

      Muslims believe the Quran was revealed by angel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and it is the principal text that Muslims abide by. Below are some of the more

  • Reading Maketh a Full Man

    Reading Maketh A Full Man

    Once upon a time there was a storyteller who spun tales to raptured gatherings by the river bank in Old Town. He would light a joss stick before he starts and when that burns out more

  • Wira's Chokodok Reggae

    Wira's Chokodok Reggae

    Yang TU Yang Ni Pass the old police station on Hugh Low Street and you can’t help but notice the garishly painted building at the junction with Cowan Street. It’s more

  • Small Word Big Impact: How

    Small Word Big Impact: How

    This is an interrogative word, and among the various contexts that we may use it, it includes “by what means”, “in what state, or condition”, “for more

  • Taking Local Bus Concessionaires to Task

    Taking Local Bus Concessionaires To Task

    The State Public Transport Committee, of which I am a member, met on March 23. One of the key discussion points was the more

  • Let Insanity Rule OK

    Let Insanity Rule OK

    I have taken “Yang Tu Yang Ni – this ‘n that” – the title of Ismail Hashim’s exhibition of his paintings and photographic works as the title more

  • SOS: The 11th Malaysia Plan

    SOS: The 11th Malaysia Plan

    In a recent Barisan controlled newspaper, the following headline screamed out for attention: “There is continuity in all Malaysia Plans, says Najib”. The Prime more

  • Banana Wars

    Banana Wars

    We Malaysian’s love bananas. It’s affordable and therefore, we consume it regularly.  This little piece I’m writing is to share my view on the humble banana.

  • Food for Thought

    Food For Thought

      By Chelvi Murugiah “Woman once made equal to man becomes his superior.”—Socrates I cannot claim for certain that this quote is by Socrates. (Born 469 more

  • Losing Out on Lumut

    Losing Out On Lumut

    It is a little known fact today that Ipoh was once seen to be a rival of Singapore. At the turn of the last century attempts by Perak to build a port in Lumut was opposed by more

  • The Malay Marker in the Non-Malays

    The Malay Marker In The Non-Malays

    I was watching the YouTube of the Taiwanese American musician Wang Lee Hom performing at Genting Highlands an almost flawless more

  • Trend-Setting Peugeot 208

    Trend-Setting Peugeot 208

    I had a problem containing my anxiety when told to test drive a Peugeot 208 when the best I had ever driven was my trusty Perodua Myvi, a jalopy by comparison. Arriving at the more

  • Ipoh, My Adopted Hometown!

    Ipoh, My Adopted Hometown!

    I am not surprised when I read that the USA News considers Ipoh as one of the nine most affordable cities in the world to live in. Being born and bred in Penang, I had wanted to more

  • Karpal Singh (1940-2014) – Observations from Main Street

    Karpal Singh (1940-2014) – Observations From Main Street

    For a long time, the membership of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) was drawn largely from the urban working class, which was more