• Nostalgia:  Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Nostalgia: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

      By Ian Anderson The bicycle was invented by a Scotsman, Kirkpatrick MacMillan, as long ago as 1839. He was a blacksmith w...read more

  • Here Comes the Milo Man

    Here Comes The Milo Man

      By Ian Anderson Ipoh World Sdn Bhd was set up in 2004 to record our history, concentrating on Ipoh and the Kina Valley. There has been a lot done in the last 15 years but ...read more

  • Nostalgia:  Remembering New Pasir Puteh

    Nostalgia: Remembering New Pasir Puteh

      By Ian Anderson Three of ipohWorld’s staunch supporters Mano, LMS and SK, lived in New Pasir Puteh in the late 1950...read more

  • Fond Memories of Ipoh: Old Ruby Cinema Ipoh

    Fond Memories Of Ipoh: Old Ruby Cinema Ipoh

    Contributions from readers on their memories of Ipoh   Old Ruby Cinema Ipoh In days gone by the Ruby was the place to go a...read more

  • Dr Wu Lien Teh

    Dr Wu Lien Teh

      Dr Wu Lien Teh was born in Penang in March 1879, educated at Penang Free School and Cambridge University and is well known as the first Malayan to be nominated for the Nobe...read more

  • Does 'Kai Si Hor Fun' Come From Ipoh?

    Does 'Kai Si Hor Fun' Come From Ipoh?

      In recent times, Ipoh has been receiving a lot of attention from food critics around the world, and rightfully so. Here in...read more

  • Heritage Building becoming Derelict

    Heritage Building Becoming Derelict

    Windsor Theatre, TanjungTualang     Built in 1937, this theatre used to be the go-to place for films, whi...read more

  • 100 Years of Remembrance

    100 Years Of Remembrance

        The reveille permeated the breezy morning air around the cenotaph at the Esplanade in Georgetown, Penang. Guests stood to attention as the haunting bugle sound hi...read more

  • Missing Memorials - Malaysians Have Short Memories

    Missing Memorials - Malaysians Have Short Memories

    Nostalgia By Ian Anderson The 11th day of the 11th month, Remembrance Day, is known throughout the Commonwealth of Nations as Po...read more

  • Shots of Ipoh's Nostalgic Past

    Shots Of Ipoh's Nostalgic Past

    In conjunction with the “Inaugural Leong Sin Nam Annual Lecture” by Ipoh World’s Ian Anderson on June 24, the Ipoh World team was invited to set up a photo exhibi...read more

  • Remembrance Week 2018

    Remembrance Week 2018

    The annual remembrance week in June brings with it real-life tales of courage and inspiration from the veterans and their families for us to reflect upon. Ipoh Echo discovers what ...read more

  • The Battle of Kampar

    The Battle Of Kampar

    More than seventy-seven years after the start of World War Two on December, 1941, many, particularly younger generations, are largely unaware of the carnage that claimed the lives ...read more

  • Underground Bunker

    Underground Bunker

    The state government has sought the assistance of the Malaysian Historical Society and the National Heritage Department to determine the age and people responsible for the undergro...read more

  • Battle of Kampar Site

    Battle Of Kampar Site

    The Battle of Kampar site is an upcoming heritage and tourism spot in the state. Minister of Tourism and Culture, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said that the historical loca...read more

  • Volunteers Visit Museums

    Volunteers Visit Museums

    Some 22 volunteers from the Department of Museums, Malaysia and their family members visited Han Chin Pet Soo and Ho Yan Hor Museums located in Ipoh's Old Town, next to Kinta River...read more

  • Armoured Vehicles for Display

    Armoured Vehicles For Display

    Two armoured vehicles that served with the Royal Malaysia Police during the Malayan Emergency (1948 to 1960) were handed over for display recently. The vehicles, a GMC Armoured Pe...read more

  • Malayan Emergency Monument and Gallery

    Malayan Emergency Monument And Gallery

    The Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) Malayan Emergency Monument and Gallery at Sungei Siput Estate, Sg Siput was officiated b...read more

  • YMCA at Lahat Road?

    YMCA At Lahat Road?

      Ipohites have grown up with the notion that the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Ipoh, which was originally sited at the old Lido Cinema, is located along Jal...read more