• On Ipoh Food: Yinzo Kopi

    On Ipoh Food: Yinzo Kopi

      SeeFoon snacks in cool comfort in Old Town By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Everyone knows Sin Yoon Loong and its counterpart Nam Heong across the road. Here you’ll have to more

  • Little Village:  SeeFoon goes Pubbing

    Little Village: SeeFoon Goes Pubbing

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Pubs used to have the most boring food. Some peanuts, a bowl of potato chips or other nibbles and more

  • The Museum:  SeeFoon Goes to a Museum

    The Museum: SeeFoon Goes To A Museum

      By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen First it was a pub, now it is a Chinese restaurant and still a pub. With a name like The Museum more

  • 9's Grill & Cafe: SeeFoon Beefs Up on Matsuzaka

    9's Grill & Cafe: SeeFoon Beefs Up On Matsuzaka

    Every gourmet knows Wagyu (which literally means “Japanese cow”), the famous Japanese beef that fetches prices three more

  • SeeFoon eats her way around India

    SeeFoon Eats Her Way Around India

    What does the average non Indian person conjure up when thinking of Indian food? Curry and more curry eaten with Roti Canai or more

  • SeeFoon Visits an Old Man

    SeeFoon Visits An Old Man

    By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen Some of us have jaded palates. I admit to being one of them. It’s not that I am ungrateful when my friends invite me for roast suckling pig, Tualang more

  • SeeFoon is Lifted Up Up and Away

    SeeFoon Is Lifted Up Up And Away

    My first fish head curry on arriving in Ipoh more than 20 years ago was at the Up and Up restaurant on Jalan Yang Kalsom.

  • SeeFoon Feeds Her Love of Japanese Food

    SeeFoon Feeds Her Love Of Japanese Food

    The DOZO sign has been up for almost six months and each time I drive past DeGarden I make myself a promise to check it out as I more

  • SeeFoon Gets Sweet on Savoury

    SeeFoon Gets Sweet On Savoury

    It’s known as ‘Tong Sui Gai’ or sweet soup Street, a regular small thoroughfare by day which transforms into a veritable cornucopia of foodie delights by night. more

  • SeeFoon Hots Up Her Life

    SeeFoon Hots Up Her Life

    Living in Malaysia, we are all used to spicy foods, with each type of cuisine from Malay to Indian and occasionally Chinese (as in Szechuan) varying the degree of ‘hotness& more

  • SeeFoon Enjoys an Elusive Delicacy

    SeeFoon Enjoys An Elusive Delicacy

    Ipoh is known for many special dishes and people come in busloads for them but in all the years I’ve lived here I have more

  • SeeFoon Revisits Kok Thai and Finds More Delights

    SeeFoon Revisits Kok Thai And Finds More Delights

    There really is no better place than the private room at Kok Thai on Tasek Road where the parking is easy and the room accommodates two tables easily.

  • SeeFoon is Sweet on Sourdough

    SeeFoon Is Sweet On Sourdough

    I have never been big on bread. On the occasion when I’m in a restaurant and I’m served a piping hot roll or basket of bread, I may have a bite or two, more for the more

  • SeeFoon Gets Clubby at the Dome

    SeeFoon Gets Clubby At The Dome

    I usually don’t expect good food at a club. A simple bowl of noodles or fried rice is about all I allow myself and with more

  • SeeFoon gets lucky with Laksa

    SeeFoon Gets Lucky With Laksa

    When a former industrialist decides to set up a food stall, it is certainly not with the intention to put food on the table for his family like the way most Mama and Papa stalls more

  • SeeFoon Gets All Steamed Up Over Fish

    SeeFoon Gets All Steamed Up Over Fish

    It’s quite amazing how certain locations are famous for certain dishes and Rawang is one of them. I have heard of their more

  • SeeFoon Gets Bowled Over

    SeeFoon Gets Bowled Over

    My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. That is when I’m ravenous and my palate is fresh. Ready to savour the delectable dish of the day. Alas, I’m often too lazy more

  • SeeFoon discovers a Foodie Gem in the Boonies

    SeeFoon Discovers A Foodie Gem In The Boonies

    This is one restaurant that is best for the intrepid Foodie – one who will brook no obstacle, burn up the tyres in search more

  • SeeFoon Discovers Another ‘Lo Chiew Pai'

    SeeFoon Discovers Another ‘Lo Chiew Pai'

    How this restaurant has escaped my foodie tentacles and not been on my flavour of the month, year, indeed even lifetime list is baffling to me.

  • The Bread Winner

    The Bread Winner

    I just love Carbs. Especially bread. Who hasn’t been seduced by the smell of freshly toasted bread, slathered with a generous dollop of butter and topped with your choice of jam or whatever.

  • SeeFoon Changes Her Mind about STG @ Old Town

    SeeFoon Changes Her Mind About STG @ Old Town

    I am a self-confessed insatiable Foodie. And curious to boot. Therefore when a new eatery opens, I make it a point to visit and more

  • SeeFoon hoots for Hoppers

    SeeFoon Hoots For Hoppers

    Hoppers which are also known as Appam, are an iconic food of Sri Lanka. Most people here in Malaysia are familiar with this snack, a wafer-thin bowl-shaped pancake made from a more

  • SeeFoon's Capon Caper in Falim

    SeeFoon's Capon Caper In Falim

    It’s that time of year again as Chinese New Year approaches, when Ipohites find themselves craving for Capon. Larger than a chicken, a bit smaller than a turkey, but more more

  • SeeFoon Tattles over Tea and Titbits

    SeeFoon Tattles Over Tea And Titbits

    When you’re faced with 140 different kinds of tea, it is easy to become dazed by the plethora of choices and options and if more