• SeeFoon Feeds Her Love of Japanese Food

    SeeFoon Feeds Her Love Of Japanese Food

    The DOZO sign has been up for almost six months and each time I drive past DeGarden I make myself a promise to check it out as I more

  • SeeFoon Gets Sweet on Savoury

    SeeFoon Gets Sweet On Savoury

    It’s known as ‘Tong Sui Gai’ or sweet soup Street, a regular small thoroughfare by day which transforms into a veritable cornucopia of foodie delights by night. more

  • SeeFoon Checks Out Possible Den of Iniquity

    SeeFoon Checks Out Possible Den Of Iniquity

    A restaurant with a name like Opëam, is bound to raise eyebrows, or it will have people queueing to check it out. Especially more

  • SeeFoon Remembers Kampung Malay Food

    SeeFoon Remembers Kampung Malay Food

    It has been years since I had a bang-up, GENUINE Kampung Malay meal with all the classic dishes and condiments that today, appear more

  • SeeFoon Challenges Chinese Held Belief on Pork

    SeeFoon Challenges Chinese Held Belief On Pork

    Chinese Foodies of my acquaintance have generally clung to the belief that pork-free restaurants are somehow lagging behind in more

  • SeeFoon Hots Up Her Life

    SeeFoon Hots Up Her Life

    Living in Malaysia, we are all used to spicy foods, with each type of cuisine from Malay to Indian and occasionally Chinese (as in Szechuan) varying the degree of ‘hotness& more

  • Ipoh's Celebrity Chef Treats at the Dome

    Ipoh's Celebrity Chef Treats At The Dome

    A first for Ipoh and a first for the Dome Restaurant at Meru Valley Resort, celebrity chef Greg Farnan fired up the kitchen as more

  • SeeFoon Goes Bananas over Banana Leaf Curry

    SeeFoon Goes Bananas Over Banana Leaf Curry

    Move over Samy, there is now a new kid on the block giving you a run for your money. Called Restaurant Susi, this brand new more

  • SeeFoon is Sweet on Sourdough

    SeeFoon Is Sweet On Sourdough

    I have never been big on bread. On the occasion when I’m in a restaurant and I’m served a piping hot roll or basket of bread, I may have a bite or two, more for the more

  • SeeFoon Gets Clubby at the Dome

    SeeFoon Gets Clubby At The Dome

    I usually don’t expect good food at a club. A simple bowl of noodles or fried rice is about all I allow myself and with more

  • SeeFoon gets lucky with Laksa

    SeeFoon Gets Lucky With Laksa

    When a former industrialist decides to set up a food stall, it is certainly not with the intention to put food on the table for his family like the way most Mama and Papa stalls more

  • SeeFoon Gets All Steamed Up Over Fish

    SeeFoon Gets All Steamed Up Over Fish

    It’s quite amazing how certain locations are famous for certain dishes and Rawang is one of them. I have heard of their more

  • SeeFoon Gets Bowled Over

    SeeFoon Gets Bowled Over

    My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. That is when I’m ravenous and my palate is fresh. Ready to savour the delectable dish of the day. Alas, I’m often too lazy more

  • SeeFoon discovers a Foodie Gem in the Boonies

    SeeFoon Discovers A Foodie Gem In The Boonies

    This is one restaurant that is best for the intrepid Foodie – one who will brook no obstacle, burn up the tyres in search more

  • SeeFoon Discovers Another ‘Lo Chiew Pai'

    SeeFoon Discovers Another ‘Lo Chiew Pai'

    How this restaurant has escaped my foodie tentacles and not been on my flavour of the month, year, indeed even lifetime list is baffling to me.

  • The Bread Winner

    The Bread Winner

    I just love Carbs. Especially bread. Who hasn’t been seduced by the smell of freshly toasted bread, slathered with a generous dollop of butter and topped with your choice of jam or whatever.

  • SeeFoon Changes Her Mind about STG @ Old Town

    SeeFoon Changes Her Mind About STG @ Old Town

    I am a self-confessed insatiable Foodie. And curious to boot. Therefore when a new eatery opens, I make it a point to visit and more

  • SeeFoon Approves of Tarting Up the Sweet Scene

    SeeFoon Approves Of Tarting Up The Sweet Scene

    A new patisserie has opened up without fanfare in Canning Garden, and has garnered a devoted following for those in the know & more

  • SeeFoon gets Crabby yet again in Ipoh Garden East

    SeeFoon Gets Crabby Yet Again In Ipoh Garden East

    One can count on one hand the number of restaurants that serve superlative Chinese food with a consistency that only a few other more

  • SeeFoon warms to Desa Rishah

    SeeFoon Warms To Desa Rishah

    I was recently introduced to the Foodie possibilities in Desa Rishah when my friend Datin Phaik Lean gathered a bunch of us together for dinner at Hung Ting.

  • SeeFoon meanders down memory lane

    SeeFoon Meanders Down Memory Lane

    Being a foodie, I have a burning mission to encourage the flourishing of good food in Ipoh. As a food writer, I operate by a more

  • SeeFoon is Blown Away Molecule by Molecule

    SeeFoon Is Blown Away Molecule By Molecule

    Molecular what? was the typical reaction I received when I rang around my friends and asked if they’d like to join in for more

  • SeeFoon wonders if Hou Mei would taste as sweet

    SeeFoon Wonders If Hou Mei Would Taste As Sweet

    Steamboat restaurants are notorious for their copious use of MSG particularly in their soups and in some of the sauces. I went to& more

  • SeeFoon hoots for Hoppers

    SeeFoon Hoots For Hoppers

    Hoppers which are also known as Appam, are an iconic food of Sri Lanka. Most people here in Malaysia are familiar with this snack, a wafer-thin bowl-shaped pancake made from a more

  • SeeFoon Gathers Her Foodie Troop for Ramadan Patrol

    SeeFoon Gathers Her Foodie Troop For Ramadan Patrol

    Musings on Food It\'s that time of the year again when puasa month has Muslims fasting and focusing on religious matters and more

  • SeeFoon Goes on a Warpath against MSG

    SeeFoon Goes On A Warpath Against MSG

    Musings on Food By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen I have declared war on Monosodium Glutamate or MSG for short, that ubiquitous flavour more

  • SeeFoon gets Thai'd up

    SeeFoon Gets Thai'd Up

    When the taste of soya sauce becomes mundane, I find my taste buds hankering for Thai food where the medley of fish sauce, fresh lime, lemongrass and fresh cut chillies inevitably more

  • SeeFoon Explores the Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh

    SeeFoon Explores The Cuisine Of Andhra Pradesh

    One of the characteristics of a Foodie is an insatiable curiosity linked to a palate that constantly craves new tastes, new more

  • SeeFoon wanders Down Under

    SeeFoon Wanders Down Under

    Chatting with Chef Alex Chiam, a Penangite who has lived in Australia for 18 years and who is the proprietor and visionary behind Oz, recently, a provocative question popped up more

  • SeeFoon Finds Treasure at Festival Walk

    SeeFoon Finds Treasure At Festival Walk

    I love steamboat. I love everything about it, the steam opening all your pores and ruining your makeup; the decision as to what more