• Inconsiderate Motorists

    Inconsiderate Motorists

    Just a few days ago I was at the Greentown Business Centre. Like most motorists, I drove around looking for a parking lot, which is not easy to find on a working day. I more

  • Kinta Nature Park

    Kinta Nature Park

    It has been 17 years since the first move was made to gazette the Kinta Nature Park in Batu Gajah, but nothing has been done since.

  • Ipoh Old Town to be Historical and Multi-cultural Enclave

    Ipoh Old Town To Be Historical And Multi-cultural Enclave

    Ipoh’s Old Town sector is to become the historical and multi-cultural enclave of the city.

  • Datuk Bandar Failure

    Datuk Bandar Failure

    Dato’ Roshidi Hashim was reported to have admitted that he had failed as the Mayor of Ipoh for being unable to keep the city clean.