Ridiculous Increase in Charges by B.P. Clinical Lab

I regularly go for my blood test in B.P. Clinical Lab in the Perak Community Specialist Hospital before seeing the specialist. The cost used to be RM30. Recently when I went for the test I was charged RM50, a whopping increase of 66%. When I enquired, the staff said this was the new rate and many customers have complained of the steep hike. I asked the staff whether they had a pay rise and they said no. The Lab has increased its profit by 66%. Since the Lab is well established, all its assets must have been paid off and all they make is net profit.

The increase could have been spread over two or three years. The Lab is not running at a loss.

Enforcement officers go around checking the price of goods in sundry shops and take action on owners who increase their prices too steeply. However, B.P. Lab raises charges by 66% and no action is taken. It looks like the rates of Ah Longs may be more reasonable than that of the Lab and yet we complain about Ah Longs and keep silent on the profiteering of the Lab.

A. Jeyaraj

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