Commendation for Police at Polo Ground

Polo Ground in Ipoh, is a popular park where many people, irrespective of race, age or religion, go for early morning exercise. This can be easily seen by anyone who passes by the park daily. Among the exercises which involve several groups are: Shaolin Qigong, tai chi, line dancing, full body stressing and many others.

Sometime ago many unfortunate incidents have happened. Car windows were smashed and valuable items stolen. A group of young motorcyclists were seen inside the park compound and gathered at an area where street lights were not fully functioning.

Joggers at their normal walk when reaching the dark spot would not dare walk past this group of boys and girls. They were then forced to turn back. This created fear and a sense of insecurity amongst the innocent people.

However, two police personnel (Corporal Chan and Constable Ahmad) were recently assigned and posted at the Polo Ground pondok. These two officers really performed their duties without fear or favour.

They would confront any group of young motorcyclists with their partners who drove their vehicles beyond the restricted area to follow them back to the pondok.

Checked all their identification cards, driving licences, gave them some counselling with a warning, before releasing them. Their strict and firm actions had discouraged the illegal gatherings very much and have at least, reduced them tremendously.

Now I can actually hear the people in Polo Ground singing praises for the two police personnel and sincerely wish that their good deeds to be recognised and taken note by the higher authority. This will also set as a good example for other law enforcement officers to follow in order to give everyone the confidence and peace of mind.

Robert Chai

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