There is Life After a Stroke

NASAM (National Stroke Association of Malaysia) held a Winter Solstice, Christmas and Birthday celebration on December 20. The 3-in-1 celebration started at 10am, followed by a short speech by senior physiotherapist, Irene Teng.

The strokees (a term coined by them) of NASAM were given some glutinous rice dough to make Tong Yuen (sweet dumplings) for the Winter Solstice festival. This is to encourage them to use both their hands more and create awareness despite having hands affected by stroke.

The strokees then sang and danced to Christmas songs with the Senior and Junior therapists (Irene Teng and Kathiravan), Mahsa College students (Victor, Eric, Eugene and Pei Ling) and the volunteers. They even did the Chicken Dance! They indeed showed the world that there is still life after a stroke.

Christmas gifts were given out upon arrival of Santa and Santarina. They sang and danced together with the strokees before celebrating birthdays for those whose birthday fell between July and December. Cute cupcakes made by Ms Lam Woon Nee, daughter of strokee Mr Lam Chik Choon, were given to the birthday strokees, together with presents from NASAM.

There was a dress code (Polka dot and stripes) for the day and there were four winners in the best dressed category. Mr Joginder Singh, Mr Hah Kuang Yoong, Ms Norsiah Mat Jane and Mdm Yap Ah Kim walked home with prizes. Mdm Yap has been a winner for three years in a row.

Before everyone moved to the buffet table for their fellowship, Mr Wong, husband of strokee Mdm Tan Guat Bee, came out front to sing a song of friendship to end the event.

Susan Ho

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