Toe Drain Cleared With Tractor

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By A. Jeyaraj

As part of the flood mitigation project, toe drains were constructed along the bunds on both sides of Sungai Pari in flood prone areas. The rainwater flows into a sump and is discharged into the river when the water level is low.

Since it is a fertile area, weeds grow fast and cover the drains blocking the flow of rainwater. The rainwater overflows and floods the surrounding areas. Once in a while a group of workers from MBI clear the drain manually and weeds start growing immediately.

Recently, a tractor was used to clear the weeds. The growth on either side of the drain was cleared. This is the first time the drain has been cleaned thoroughly. Since the weeds were uprooted it would take quite some time for them to grow. This was done only on one section of the toe drain next to Jalan Raja. All the toe drains must be cleared to avoid flooding during heavy rain. MBI must send another crew to clear the areas not accessible to the tractor.

MBI must prepare a maintenance schedule to clear the toe drains regularly. The sumps are silted and must be desludged.

During this unpredictable weather conditions residents are happy that MBI is looking after their welfare and hope they would continue doing so especially after the hike in the assessment rate.

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