A Helping Hand for Artistes

To help local artistes who have fallen on difficult times, Koloni Karyawan Amanjaya or PORT will be hosting ‘Konsert Blues Buat Teman Tour 2014’ at Kinta Riverfront Hotel on Saturday, March 22 commencing at 8.45pm. Legendary rocker, Datuk Ramli Sarip will play the lead at the concert.
Addressing the media at a recent press conference, Datuk Ramli said, “This is going to be a relaxing evening. However, the concert carries a serious objective, which is to raise funds to help fellow artistes who are afflicted with health issues and burdened by medical bills.
“We’ll be presenting another local rock legend, Mus May, at the concert. I’ll also be accompanied by one of Malaysia’s top guitarists, Man Kidal and other experienced local musicians.”
Director of PORT, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin said that besides the concert, there will be music workshops during the day, conducted by Man Kidal and other musicians.
Tickets to Konsert Blues Buat Teman Tour 2014 are priced at RM53 each and limited to 1800 people only. Those who purchase a ticket will also receive an exclusive T-shirt from PORT.  “The success of the event will be able to provide the necessary financial support to our local artistes who are in need,” said Zainol to reporters.
For details on the concert and tickets, please contact PORT at 05 241 2287.

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