Incorrect Information

We refer to your article on page 7, of the Ipoh Echo 16-31 March, 2014 [Issue 185] with the heading, “Kevin Chandra – The Consummate Professional Bartender’ whereby at the bottom of the 5th paragraph, it was mentioned “The Perak Turf Club where the Sultan is a patron, has engaged Kevin so often that he has now been made an honorary member by Chairman Tan Sri Jeyaratnam”.

We would like to point out that the Perak Turf Club does not have any honorary members. This privilege of becoming an honorary member is normally reserved for Heads of State and Royalty. As such, kindly make an amendment to the article to replace the word “honorary” with “ordinary” as Mr Kevin Chandra was made an Ordinary Member in year 2012.

Soo Lai Kwok
General Manger & Secretary
Perak Turf Club

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