St John’s Church Community Help Service

St John’s Church Community Help Service (CHS) held its first book sale on the first anniversary of providing services to the Ipoh community. It has twelve trained ‘helpers’ who assist in ‘Helping People to Help Themselves.’ Many have come for help with a wide range of social and personal problems relating to financial welfare, education, social welfare, employment, medical aid and someone to talk to. CHS has been listening, guiding and directing people in all four major languages.

CHS is working together with churches, government bodies, non-governmental organisations, and various local societies and individuals to offer the best solutions to the people who need help.

CHS has received a good response from the public since its launch on February 19, 2013. It was introduced to the public through the distribution of flyers and display of banners. Subsequently people who have received help have told their families and friends. CHS offers a friendly and relaxed environment where one can enjoy a chat and a cup of coffee.

In line with many more events set for the year 2014 to help the Ipoh community, CHS ran a ‘Used Book Sale’ recently to encourage people to read more. Many people donated books and magazines such as: educational books, children’s story books, novels, health and entertainment magazines, periodicals, journals, encyclopedia, Christian books, literature and many more including TIME MagazineNational Geographic and Reader’s Digest from the year 1968.

The magazines and books were sold at fantastically low prices, magazines from 25 sen and books from RM1 to RM5. People were amazed at the value for money! It was probably the cheapest book sale in town!

Pics by Rev Robin Arumugam

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