Total Rejuvenation Has Arrived in Ipoh

ReJeune, Ipoh, is where was introduced the hands-on therapeutic therapy using magnetic physiotherapy tools in combination with the ReJeune Cream, a powerful potion of natural pure herbs that are free from chemicals and preservatives, has now brought in three products to help in the rejuvenation process.

Dr Tan Keah Kee, has a degree in MB BCh BAO (Ireland) National University Ireland and has practised in Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital, specialising in Live Blood Analysis, Clinical Nutrition, Hormone Therapy and Homeopathy, will be giving a talk on April 20 at MH Hotel Ipoh on these products and the rejuvenation process.

The three products are D’ToxBlood Group Nutrients and Eel Oil that make up the trinity for healthy rejuvenation. Beginning with the need to detoxify the body, removing the accumulated waste of years of unhealthy eating habits, drug use and environmental exposure, the D’Tox formula containing Psyllium husk, fruits and vegetable fiber, a probiotic containing 2 billion cells of friendly bacteria, digestive enzymes and Chlorella.

Following on D’Tox or done concurrently, is the need to supplement with Blood Group Nutrients. This is a new concept in which supplement is more targeted as the nutrients are matched to your blood group. Thus a person can replenish one’s system with a well matched complete cellular nutrition containing 85 essential nutrients.

The final step in total body rejuvenation is to take Eel Oil which is supposed to be far superior to ordinary fish oils. Extracted from the marrow of the Pacific eel from Korea, the DHA, EPA and especially the AKGs (claimed to raise immunity and slow down the aging process) are particularly potent and caps the whole rejuvenation process.

ReJeuneTalk by Dr Tan Keah Kee
Date: 20 April 2014 (Sunday)                 
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Venue: MH Hotel,  Gallery 4, Level 6
FREE admission by ticket
Collect tickets from: E Rejuvenation Sdn Bhd (opposite Zento Sushi)
1 Jalan Medan Ipoh Bistari, 1B/1 Medan Ipoh Bistari, Ipoh.

Please call 012 502 2293 or 05 545 2293 for more information.

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