A Tribute to Mothers

A mother’s day gift should be given not only on mothers day but in our daily lives by her children. “This would be the greatest gift for every mother,” said Mrs Vhyjeyanthi Logganathen, the patron for the Ladies Wing of the Bhagwan Kanakanpati Satchithanantha Sarguru Society in her welcoming speech at the Mother’s Day celebration held at the Red Crescent Hall Society, Ipoh.

The celebration which was held on a grand scale with chief guest, Mr Keshvinder Singh a/l Kashmir Singh, the Coordinator of the Non-Islamic Affairs from Perak Menteri Besar’s office who was present to give away awards to the nominated and deserving mothers from the society. In his speech, he praised the activities conducted by the President which consisted of monthly yoga practices, meditation classes, education funds, spiritual talks, motivational courses, youth camps, marriage seminars, youth seminars and road shows. He said the society’s programmes were a good start to curb the social problems among the younger generation these days.

The founder and president of the society, Dr Logganathen a/l Balasundram, a leading dental surgeon from Ipoh, had been striving hard for almost 14 years for the welfare and well-being of the society members. He stated that the Bhagwan Kanakanpati Satchithanantha Sarguru Meditation Society had been surviving solely on a charitable basis with the aid of the members, friends and well-wishers. The organising chairperson, the Head of the Women’s Wing, Mrs M. Mageswari Rama Krishnan, emphasized that the members’ hard work and cooperation bonded them together to celebrate the occasion on such a grand scale.

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