Dangers on Ipoh Roads

Ipoh is a city of elegance where the old blends with the modern. However, poor road conditions, in and around the city, is a huge turn-off for motorists. Potholes and incomplete road signs make driving problematic.

The conditions of some roads and sidewalks are worrying, to say the least. They are the primary cause of accidents. Besides being a hazard, they endanger walkers too.

“Responsible agencies should maintain these public facilities to prevent accidents from occurring,” said M. Pandian, a concerned Ipohite to Ipoh Echo.

“Law-abiding citizens feel threatened when irresponsible motorists choose to drive on the wrong side of the road,” exclaimed Pandian.

Ipoh Echo urges motorists to keep a sharp eye on the roads when driving and report irregularities to the respective government agencies.


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