The Great Tenby Circus

Dressed in colourful costumes, some 350 children aged between three to seven years old brought a circus to life in the 2014 Tenby Schools Ipoh Infant School Production one recent Saturday morning.

The show opened with two energetic dance numbers, “Pretending Day” and “I Can Go Anywhere With You”. It was the beginning of two hours of non-stop circus action through music, song and dance, from the dancing clowns to hoop dancers, acrobats, snake charmers, umbrella dancers, puppeteers and more.

Over 800 people, consisting of family members, school staff and guests, filled Dewan Leong Wan Chin in Ipoh to the brim, singing and clapping along to the music, lending warm support to the children.

The theme, “The Great Tenby Circus” was decided upon after learning that most children, who enjoyed themselves tremendously at role-playing during lessons, have never been to a real circus, and had very little knowledge about it.

Head of Ipoh International School Early Years Centre, Mrs Puvanes Mahendran said, “The annual production allowed children the opportunity to display their skills learned at school, to be reproduced on stage.”

The concert wrapped up with a fitting finale of “Fireworks”, a glitzy dance performance by Year 2 Green.


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