To Empower Young Orang Asli

Upon visiting Kampung Orang Asli Chang in Bidor, Perak, YouthCorp Malaysia came to realise that while we are so engrossed on emphasizing making vision 2020 a success, the lifestyle of the Orang Asli community is nowhere near towards our goals. The Tok Batin (village head) of the kampung said that the younger generation lacks knowledge about the professional courses available and thus their interest in education is low.

“That made us decide to inspire these children to become young professionals in Malaysia,” said Dr Venkates Rao Enkatesulu, President of YouthCorp Malaysia.

A group of YouthCorp Malaysia volunteers from mixed professions, consisting of doctors, lawyers, engineers, architect and lecturers, visited Kampung Orang Asli recently with a specially tailored programme to engage them individually to identify their interests and enlighten them on the various job sectors open to them. They were briefed on interesting and challenging aspects of being a professional especially in terms of contributing towards the betterment of our nation.

The mission of this approach is to create professional exposure and as well as to inspire them to become a better generation. “We managed to break the ice between us and this was achieved through the efforts in understanding their background first. This is our very first step in making a difference in these children’s lives. We can never claim that it’s a success until we see the product, therefore there must be continuous follow-up sessions to ensure that the children are on the right path to pursue their dreams with the correct guidance,” added Dr Rao.

Young and professional volunteers are encouraged to be part of Project Inspire Orang Asli. Email:

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