Applying Marketing Principles

In conjunction with Sunway College Ipoh’s 10th Anniversary, the Marketing in Practice, Sales and Marketing team successfully organised an event as part of its course project. It was, in essence, a platform for business students to apply marketing principles learned in the classroom and to experience how marketing works in real life.

The event was held at the open space in front of the college and was preceded by a soft launch. A futsal tournament was organised at Sunway City’s Extreme Park with participation opened to interested individuals between 18 to 25 years old. The objectives were to improve participants’ sportsmanship and to foster closer ties among the players. Response was very encouraging as 32 teams took part in the competition.

During the 3-day festivity, booths selling food, T-shirts, souvenirs and knickknacks were manned by members of the project team. Practical application of marketing and promotional techniques were tried and tested. Sales were brisk. It was a learning experience for the students.

On the whole the project was a winner, as team members developed a keen sense of togetherness never seen before. There was a marked improvement in their attitude towards one another; a change brought about by days of working together as a team.

Yip Yuen Ceng

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