Big Bad Wolf Ipoh

For a resident population not known to be much into reading, the recent Big Bad Wolf (BBW) book sale on July 24 to 29, which was held at PHL Convention Centre in Menglembu saw an overwhelming support.

Doors were supposed to open at 10am but due to the big crowd waiting outside the premises, the staff decided to cut short the waiting time and let the public in before opening hours. Closing hours were also extended for readers to avoid disappointment.

Eighty-two college students were hired as BBW crew for the sale taking three days to set up the hall. More than 40 thousand readers were seen at the event, buying not only books but also furniture, T-shirts, imported tin signs, button badges, etc.

Many readers walked away with box sets (books) at a very cheap price. Everything was selling fast and the staff had to put an additional two 40-foot trailers of stock to replenish the titles throughout the sale.

When interviewed, most of the customers gave good reviews. Mrs Lim was with her family and they went home with boxes of books for about RM400. It was her first experience at Big Bad Wolf although she had heard about the yearly sales in Kuala Lumpur. She said that she would definitely look forward to a Big Bad Wolf sale yearly. Some Big Bad Wolf fans were also seen at the event. They thought that the quantity and varieties weren’t as wide as Kuala Lumpur and would love to see more of it coming into Ipoh in the future. Big Bad Wolf was the talk of the town when it opened its doors in Ipoh. People were boasting about their cheap and good purchases they managed to get from the event.

BB1M vouchers were accepted at the sale. Hong Leong Bank was the official card for the event. Hong Leong Bank cardholders were offered an additional 5 per cent off purchases.

Susan Ho

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