Bone Density and Health Screening

In conjunction with World Arthritis Day, the Family Wellness Club, Ipoh, along with the Perak Women Development Department and Pantai Hospital Ipoh, organised a bone density and health screening programme at SMK Kg Dato’ Ahmad Said, Manjoi recently.

The programme was sponsored by Pantai Hospital Ipoh and the CIMB Foundation who provided the mobile bone density machine, which costs a whopping RM60,000. The National Family Development Board was also present to provide free blood tests and body mass index (BMI) readings for participants.

Family Wellness Club President and organising chairperson, Mangaleswary Ponnampalam, was grateful for the contributions by the mentioned departments in making the event a success. Not only did it provide the public with valuable information about their health but it also inculcated the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“The programme is organised to assist people who cannot afford such services. We took the opportunity to invite Dato’ Dr Vasan Sinnadurai from Pantai Hospital to give a talk on bone health and how to keep bones healthy,” she said.

The organisers gave out food packs worth about RM80 each to 40 poor Indian families. They were sponsored by Pantai Hospital Ipoh.

The talk by Dr Vasan was the highlight of the day. He told the audience the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and having a balanced diet.

“The obesity rate among Malaysians is very high. This has contributed to the increase in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. To prevent such problems, I urge you to exercise regularly. Cycle, jog, walk and swim. These forms of exercises will not only help to maintain your fitness but will keep your bones and joints healthy,” he asserted.

Present at the event were the Director of the Perak Women Development Department, Puan Srihartini Mohd Shamsuddin, Principal of SMK Kg Dato’ Ahmad Said, Haji Tauhid Ahmad bin Shamsuddin and Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association of SMK Kg Dato’ Ahmad Said, Aminuddin bin Zainuddin.


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