World Children’s Day

Ipoh Parade organised a series of kiddie concerts named, “Kindergarten Showtime” to commemorate World Children’s Day. Held daily from October 4 till 18, the event saw a total of 17 Ipoh kindergartens performing at the concourse of this popular shopping mall.

Ipoh Echo attended the October 18 performance, the last day of the show and also the largest of the two-week extravaganza. The finale saw eight different kindergartens performing namely, 3Q MRC Junior, Kinder Castle, Tadika Ipoh Baptist, Tadika Cerdik Comel Ceria, Early Childhood Learning and Development Centre, Kindergrace Nursery, Pusat Jagaan Sri Manja and SmarterMinds Kindergarten.

According to Centre Manager, Chan Yu Yin, the show is an annual event to encourage children to perform and showcase their talents.

“As a family-orientated entity, Ipoh Parade strives to create an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by the public regardless of their age. We believe that activity such as this can serve as a platform for family-bonding and helps source talents amongst kids,” he said.

Parents were overjoyed when their children took to the stage, starting with the play by 3Q MRC Junior. A total of 350 children participated that day, putting up a variety of performances beginning from 11am till 5pm.

Ringo Lew, 36, a mother of three from Cameron Highlands, told Ipoh Echo that her 6-year-old son was excited when his school, Tadika Cerdik Comel Ceria, decided to participate in the show. “Although the distance between Ipoh and Cameron Highlands is quite far, I am glad that his kindergarten took part in the show, as it’s a good exposure for him. He had so much fun,” she said.

Ipoh Parade presented the principals of the schools a token each as an appreciation for their contributions.

The shopping mall plans on organising more family-oriented activities in November. On the list are the ‘Cage Movie Roadshow’ on November 8, a show by Tiny Tots Kindergarten on November 9 and the ‘Aloha National Mental Arithmetic Competition’ on November 30.


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