Stories for Hungry People

From the publication that brings you the wickedly serious and witty KL Noir series, ‘Murtad’ and more, BukuFixi is now looking for entries for their upcoming book, ‘Hungry In Ipoh’.

Picked personally by Amir Muhammad, the founder of BukuFixi, to be the book’s editor, Hadi M Nor is no stranger to the world of writing. Despite having the experience in writing short stories and novels, Hadi admitted that he is nervous to be an editor but excited at the same time.

‘I’ve received so many nostalgic stories. Which is fine but I want stories that’ll move readers. Something that’ll make them want to live here in Ipoh,” he told Ipoh Echo.

When asked what is the definition of ‘hungry’?

“‘Hungry’ means you’re chasing something or wanting something. But it’s hard to specify, as the definition itself is broad. It’s up to the writers to characterise what’s ‘hungry’,” he added.

Founder of Fixi, Amir MuhammadEditor of 'Hungry in Ipoh' - Hadi M NorBukuFixi has gained interest among teenagers and young adults with its unique and quirky style of writing. Instead of the typical stories that you can predict by just reading the first few pages, “Hungry In Ipoh” will follow the success of other BukuFixi’s books. Apart from Fixi Novo that published English stories, BukuFixi also produces short stories and novels in Bahasa Malaysia.

With two books and short stories in hand, Hadi has also written scripts entitled ‘KeMulut Harimau’ which was directed by his brother, Haris M. Nor and released early this year on TV. With most of his family members pursuing art for a living, Hadi has no intention of becoming a director but prefers to focus on writing for the time being.

As for ‘Hungry In Ipoh’, he is looking forward to see entries that will make future readers love Ipoh as much as he does. He described the book as, “Short Stories for Hungry People”.

Those interested can email your stories to before March 31.

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