The Living Habitat of Hornbills

If you jog around iconic Polo Ground, Ipoh, you can see two giant tyres propped against a tree, dumbbells and unique-looking exercise equipment lying next to the aerobic court. You may wonder what they are for.

Since August 2014, Nor Azian, 45, and her husband, Masfazil, 46, have been preaching the goodness of keeping fit to everyone. Along with sport-science graduate, Mohd Hafizil Qaifee, 31, they conduct a fitness camp called, ‘the Fun and Fitness Boot Camp’.

After losing about 20kg in one year, Azian feels it is her responsibility to educate the
community on the importance of staying healthy. “It’s not about being fat or skinny, what matters
is staying fit. We’ve participants who, at first, looked healthy but turned out otherwise. After a few sessions with us, they admitted to feeling better,” she told Ipoh Echo.

“Apart from our weekly camp, we also have a 5-week losing-weight challenge called, “the Fun and Fit
Challenge.” During the programme, activities are held both indoors and outdoors.

We’ll visit the gym where we teach contestants how to use the exercise machines and
guide them on food and calorie intake.”

They are currently into their third session of the losing-weight challenge. Although former contestants had achieved what they wanted, some joined in for the sake of keeping fit.

The 5-week programme is limited to a few contestants only, as Nor and her team have to provide personal attention to all. As for the boot camp, number is not an issue.

The camp is open to all. Joining fee is only RM10 a session. Readers keen on participating can contact Nor at 012 519 1950.

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