A Cleaner Cemetery

The unpleasant sight of a cemetery filled with weeds, thickets and dirt, prompted members of the Manjoi Integration Association (Persatuan Integrasi Manjoi) into action. They embarked on a programme to clean up the unsightly Gurap Muslim Cemetery along Jalan Kuala Kangsar on an annual basis.

“The cleanup began in 2003 after numerous complaints from locals and Ipohites regarding the unkempt cemetery. After much soul-searching, we decided that it’s our responsibility to maintain the grave site,” said Eddie, a member of the association, to Ipoh Echo recently.

In the beginning, members had to use their bare hands to do the clearing, as tools and money were in short supply. However, they are better prepared now with money and equipment provided by well-wishers and discerning Ipohites.

According to association president, Said Jaafar, pumps to spray weed-killing liquid were loaned to them for free by their owners. They needed only to buy the liquid, which was also purchased at a discounted price.

The Perak Public Works Department gave them the assistance they sought. “The department provided lorries and a backhoe to help in the cleaning process,” Eddie added.

Volunteers came with their own tools and food for the clean-up operation. Over the years, more have joined in, making it a collective responsibility of the Muslim community living in the vicinity. The association is proud of its achievement.

“We did this from scratch and now we’ve the number and the clout. It’d be great if more people could join us,” remarked Eddie.

Those who wish to be part of this effort can visit the association’s Facebook page, Pertubuhan Intergrasi Gugusan Manjoi for details.

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