Speed Bumps Needed

Speed bumps are often requested because they are perceived as a quick and effective solution to speeding. They are intended to be uncomfortable to drive over if they are crossed at higher speeds. It’s an effort to slow traffic and increase safety for some of the residents and students on busy streets.

I don’t know if this is just me, or if it happens to others but I have a difficult time crossing roads. The reason is, there’s so much going on, in so many different directions, that I can’t process it all and either end up running across too early and having cars beep and screech to a halt to avoid hitting me, or I become too scared to cross and miss chances when the road is clear. It’s harder for me at T-junctions if I am crossing a road with heavy traffic. It’s so dangerous.

Can I request for City Council to install speed bumps on this street, Jalan Chung Thye Phin near the T-junction? Speed bumps on this road at close intervals are justified since there are schools on one side, residences on the other and a hospital as well. It would be really helpful if people know they cannot go fast down the street.

At night, especially if it is raining or foggy, one has to be extra careful.

So, does anyone else ever get distracted or overwhelmed by roads and the amount of traffic? Or is it just me?

Selena Yee

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