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Gifts from the heart, the best for your mom

Shops and restaurants go all out for mother’s’ day. Promotions, discounts and special offers are everywhere and it is getting harder to shop for our mothers. Not because we don’t have the choice but there are just too many choices. Perhaps this year, we should try something different. Something that doesn’t cost much. Something from the heart.

Photo album

Create a Mother’s day special photo book for her. Find old pictures of you together, put it in an album. Next to every photo, leave cute and loving notes to her. A simple ‘I love you’, ‘What am I without you’ or ‘You give the warmest hug’ will melt her heart. And after she finishes flipping through all the photos, give her a hug and kiss. Thank her for being the best mom anyone could ever have.

Cooking her favourite meal

Surprise your mom with cooking her favourite food. Take an effort to learn how to cook it the way she likes. With today’s technology and cooking classes, we know you can do it. If it gets tricky, get help from other siblings or close friends. Who knows, your cooking might be your mom’s new favourite!

Warm, heart to heart talk

Set the room. Light up your mom’s favourite scented candle (or go and buy one), make hot drinks and prepare simple snacks. Have a heart to heart talk  with your mom or you can ask her to tell you about the things she used to do when she was  your age. In case you run out of topics, we suggest you to create a topic-card and randomly pick one of them to start the conversation.

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