Are You Better Than The Rest?

No one can deny the power with which technology has transformed education in our schools today. The pace at which children learn is consequently affected and we, as parents and educators, must play our role effectively to ensure that we nurture our children to achieve their best.

So then, is it Nature or Nurture? What makes your child do well in school? And then again? What is doing well?

When this question was put across to the parents, a myriad of responses emerged ranging from infrastructure, facilities, teachers quality, curriculum and others.

Though these may contribute in some small way, the success of great learning lies within the children themselves. It is innate and waiting to be realised. It’s not as much about facilities but about awakening the inner strength in each individual.

This can only come about through a strong parental involvement and the sound values implanted when young. Any child can learn given a textbook but whether it is learning for acing examinations or to equip him for the future lies very much in the hands of parents and educators.

The role that parents play cannot be understated. It is the first five years that define the path children take and the values and learning implanted then last a lifetime.

However, given the current learning system in schools, parents seem to be left out of this learning loop probably seeing their children’s teachers for receiving report cards at year end. This hardly holds any value now as children pick up knowledge from various sources not discounting the effect of social media. We can sit back and watch the  rise in crime, civil war, the danger to our environment, child abuse and child labour or choose to take positive action so that our children will grow up to be responsible global citizens.

The International Baccalaureate (IB ) programmes for the Primary Years (PYP) and Middle Years (MYP) offer a broad based education with a structured curriculum framework focused on not just amassing readily available knowledge but strengthening it with skills, values and sound attitudes, building children ready to take on the future towards creating a better world for all.

Parents are actively involved in learning with your children; making learning real and meaningful.

Join us for a talk on how learning with your child can produce amazing results.

Professor Gopi will conduct a talk on this topic to further discuss ways you can co-learn with your child.  Beside techniques, Professor Gopi will also motivate you to kick start your own action plan at home. Come and learn about the strategies we have effectively applied for the past 36 years.

Professor Gopi is the Academic Director of Fairview International Group of Schools. He delivers his presentation in an exciting and lively manner, captivating his audiences with his vast energy. Professor Gopi is regularly invited to deliver talks at national level conventions and conferences, sharing his knowledge and expertise in education in many countries. He is also a faculty of University College Fairview International (UCFI), the new praxis university that focuses on IB-related degree qualifications.

To register for the talk, kindly call 05 313 6888 or email to The talk is complimentary and subject to availability of seats. Concurrently, there will be kids’ activities ‘Canvas Painting’ for kids of all ages (minimal fee involved). To avoid disappointment, please register in advance.

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