Humble First Took Top Honours


Two weeks of preparation paid off for Humble First from Perak when they won the group category at the Shuddup ‘N’ Dance Volume 2 contest at Ipoh Parade recently. The five-member group stunned the judges with their exquisite moves and synchronised dance movements beating nine other teams.

Chan Hon Fee, Eric Soo, Yang Yang Young, Scarlotte Oh and Russell Wong were screaming and jumping with joy when the judge announced the results.

“We’ve been dancing for two years now and feel honoured to get the recognition we truly deserve,” said Scarlett Oh. The team will be up against other groups in the third volume of Shuddup ‘N’ Dance taking place at Klang Parade.

Following them to the competition, is the winner of the Solo Performance Battle, Danial XP (Danial Aliff bin Rosdy) from Kamunting, Perak. Danial’s breakdance (B-boying) defeated Vei (Teoh Kian Vei) from Penang. He won a trophy, RM2000 cash and prizes.

Ipoh-born dancer and judge, Eric Chan from Kartoon Network was pleased with the standard of competition and hoped more would participate in subsequent contests. The remaining two on the judging panel were Dennis Yin from Elecoldxhot and Danny Lee from Rejuvenate Dance Crew.

“Learn why you lose and why others won. The lessons learnt will enable you to perform better and make you the ultimate winner. We are where we are today largely because we never give up no matter what comes our way,” said Danny Lee to the losing teams.

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