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“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” is one inspiring saying imprinted on the glass walls of the office of Destination Perak. The catchy phrase caught the attention of the Ipoh Echo team when they attended the agency’s Adilfitri open house on Thursday, August 13. Destination Perak’s new office is located at Level 11 of the Perak Techno-Trade Centre, Jelapang.

A cursory tour of the facility saw snippets of information on Perak, from the Royal Museum of Kuala Kangsar to the Banjaran Hotsprings, displayed at strategic spots. The open-concept office has a seating capacity for 40 staff members.

After enjoying an array of traditional Malay dishes consisting of pulut kuningketupat palaslemangrendangkuih limas and soto (soup composed of broth, meat and vegetables) the Ipoh Echo team took the opportunity to have an exclusive one-on-one with the agency’s head honchos.

Destination Perak, which undertakes the promotion and marketing of Perak as an attractive tourist destination, is a subsidiary company of the State Development Corporation. Established in April 2014, it works with various interested parties in the tourism industry, both public and private, to bring in tourists into the state.

While efforts at improving and developing tourist infrastructures are underway, Destination Perak liaises with tour operators, bus companies, ticketing agents and event planners to promote tourism-related activities with the view of increasing tourist arrivals in Perak.

It offers information on exciting places to visit and interesting things to see and do in the state. Their online portal provides booking services and tour packages for visitors’ convenience (

“Our aim is to optimise all resources and synergise them to enhance the tourism industry,” said Abdul Raheem Mohamad, the chief executive officer, to Ipoh Echo.

Md Sallehuddin Abu Hanifah, advisor, alluded to the pristine Belum Forest with its abundance of hornbills as his favourite spot in Perak. The agency hopes to make Belum a UNESCO-declared site in four years’ time.

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