A Crime-Free Community

Concerned residents and non-governmental organisation representatives gathered for a roundtable discussion with the Ipoh Police District Chief, Assistant Commissioner of Police Sum Chang Keong and his senior officers on Wednesday, September 9 at Weil Hotel, Ipoh.

Focusing on safety-related issues in Ipoh Garden and Canning Garden specifically, the face-to-face session was moderated by Kat W. Wong, the founding president and presently honorary adviser of Ipoh Timur Community Association (ITCA).

It began with an illuminating slideshow detailing the responsibilities and limitations of the Ipoh Police District and up-to-date crime statistics by the police chief. A question-and-answer session ensued with many suggesting ways to improve the police delivery system.

Besides finding a common platform for all parties to work towards a crime-free community, the 3-hour discussion did much to clear the negative perception of the Police caused by unsubstantiated information.

At the end of the fruitful dialogue, it was proposed that the meeting be held on a monthly basis. It was also proposed that a joint-coordination committee be formed involving the Police, NGOs, residents associations, Rukun Tetangga, Rela (People’s Volunteer Corps) and voluntary patrol units to ensure constructive engagement. ITCA will coordinate and host the meetings.

Mei Kuan

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