An Appeal to Rebuild Shelter

Arkeysamy (63), his wife (Komaddi) and daughter, Theresa (15) have not been sleeping soundly for the past two months. The roof of their wooden shack was blown away during a thunderstorm on August 8. Now, whenever it rains, the family has to find shelter in a car, a Kancil given by Komaddi’s brother. Also, they have to be wary of monkeys, snakes and other creatures that might climb in through the big hole in the roof.

Arkeysamy has lived in the wooden shack for 40 years. His father built it in 1978. His father even dug a well for water supply. They only had tap water and electricity in 2005.

However, the wooden shack in now unable to shelter them anymore. Roof repairmen say it is not worthwhile to fix the roof because termites have infested the wood and the structure has become very flimsy. The only option would be to build a hut to replace it. A few contractors have come to survey and the best price is RM17,000 for a hut on the very same spot.

Arkeysamy has a crack in his backbone so he is not able to work regular hours. He has a small stall in front of his shack where he sells nasi lemak, tosai, roti canai, chapati and drinks for breakfast. The money he earns is just enough to survive. His wife helps him in the stall but she can’t stand for long because of her legs’ nerve problem. They have gone to government departments and political parties for help to rebuild their shack and roof. Some came and took photos but so far no one has made any commitments.

Arkeysamy’s family is appealing for some donations so that he could build a better wooden hut. He just wants shelter from the heat and rain.

Anyone who wants to contribute can contact Arkeysamy A/L Periannan at 16-A Jalan Mengkudu, Taman Bersatu 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak. Handphone: 014 348 3192, Bank Simpanan Nasional Savings Account Number: 0810329000088471 (IC: 530808085667).

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