Mariaville’s Magical Disney Concert and Graduation

Mariaville Good Shepherd Kindergarten held a graduation concert themed “Disney” in conjunction with their 35th anniversary. Children from as young as 4 up to 6 years dressed up as princesses, princes, kings, queens and more in their performances. There were very interesting dances and stage acts by 343 students. In just two sessions of the concert, up to 1500 spectators were seen.

The event started off with the choir. Students sang mixed Disney music which brought back memories of childhood to the audience. A welcome speech which was delivered in Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and even Tamil wowed the audience.

Students were seen dancing “Under the Sea”, asking the audience to “Be Our Guest” at the dining table, singing “Heigh Ho” as they worked their way to the gold mine, swinging around like “Tarzan” did on trees, showing how what a “Bug’s Life” is all about, dreaming away in “Wonderland”, dancing with the prince at “The Ball” and fighting to the song “I’ll make a man out of you”. They truly brought “A Whole New World” to the audience.

Their Guest of Honour, Encik Aznan Bin Hj Alias (Ketua Sektor Pendidikan Swasta & Pendidikan Khas), JHJ Rogayah Bt Pilus (Guru Besar SK Marian Convent) and Sister Salomi (Good Shepherd) presented graduation certificates to the 6-year-olds who walked up the stage with their heads held high. The Good Shepherd Sisters were also seen at the event.

The event ended with “Top of The World” as a farewell song, with a little twist to the chorus, which was a thank you message to everyone present.

Susan Ho

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