KLK– 38 Years of Providing Scholarships to Deserving Malaysians

Eight (8) high-achieving scholars were recently awarded the notable KLK scholarship to pursue their education at institutes of higher learning around Malaysia. The scholarship is in its 38th year and has seen KLK contributing steadily over the years to spur our young children in their pursuit of education.

The 2015 KLK Scholars were selected from a pool of 413 hopeful applicants. Apart from its existing 30 scholars, these 8 new students will be granted scholarships totaling RM303,250 for the full duration of their studies.

The KLK Scholarship programme was started by the late Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng, the Founder Chairman of the company with the programme continuing under his son, KLK’s current CEO, Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian. In its early days, the scholarship was geared towards assisting the children of KLK’s employees who came from the lower income bracket as well as realising the potential of high performing candidates who were in need of funds for their tertiary education. Over the years the KLK Scholarship moved to focus on developing high-potential students to become future talent for the company’s expansion and growing need for human resources. As part of their development, scholars are invited to intern with the company and, if successful, are offered a position with the company where they will be mentored. Previous scholars have successfully progressed to hold leadership positions within the company.

Recognising that there are many factors that contribute to performance at school, scholarships continue to be provided through the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Foundation for those from the lower-income bracket continuing the culture of giving, something that is ingrained in company culture under the leadership of the Lee family.

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