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Award-winning investigative journalist, R. Nadeswaran (Nades for short), introduced his second book entitled “Curi-curi Malaysia” in Ipoh via a very informal book-signing session at the Royal Ipoh Club on Sunday, January 22. The book was officially launched at the Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur on Friday, January 20.

“My first book was only on one subject, the Port Klang Free Zone. The latest one has 12 chapters, twelve of the big stories I wrote,” said Nades to Ipoh Echo.

He has been a journalist for 45 years, since the 1970s. Nades has worked with all the national dailies namely, Star, Malay Mail, New Straits Times, Sun and the Utusan Group.

His column, “Citizen Nades” in the Sun has a huge following among Malaysians. Nades’s comments do not go down well with those on the receiving end. He has a knack for keeping them on their toes with his innuendos and revelations and was once challenged by a minister to stand for election.

What motivates him to keep on writing? “The passion for the job. I enjoy writing and fighting for people’s rights. I don’t like people bullying people. And I don’t like people stealing government money which is taxpayers’ money. I think it’s my duty as a citizen to stand up to all these wrong-doings,” the affable writer said.

New to this book genre, I leafed through randomly and chanced upon a chapter featuring a “flowerly deceit”. And, I am hooked. There is something reassuring about reading a book that says it as it is, without any pretensions. And this incredibly brilliant scribe does not just raise an issue, he facilitates the solution with suggestions backed with logical and conscientious reasoning.

Here is his advice for those who are new in the field of journalism: “The issue is this, a lot of people become journalists as a means to earn a living. They should look at it as a profession, rather than a source of income. You cannot get wealthy by being a journalist, but you can sleep peacefully with a clear conscience if you do your job well.”

Priced at RM40 including postage, interested readers can buy the book online at Incidentally, Royal Ipoh Club has some copies for sale. Call the club at 05 254 2212 for details.

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