Muallim – The Newest in Perak’s Clan

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By Ili Aqilah and Nantini Krishnan

Joining ten other districts, Muallim became the eleventh district in Perak on January 11 this year when it was officiated by the Sultan of Perak, His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah. Knowing how much our readers love travelling, Ipoh Echo sent its team to seek some must-go and do places in the district of Muallim that comprises three different sub-districts (Mukim); Slim, Ulu Bernam Barat and Ulu Bernam Timur (Tanjung Malim, Slim and Proton City).

Eat, Play, Thrive in Muallim

The name Muallim comes from the Arabic language combining knowledge and education, something that relates well to the district.

“The Sultan Idris Training College (SITC), is an education and knowledge centre for the Malays from the Malay-medium schools to pursue their tertiary education during the pre-independence years. SITC was built and officiated here by Sir George Maxwell in November 29, 1922,” said His Royal Highness during the ceremony.

For the Adrenalin-junkie

Prior to the establishment of Muallim district, Ulu Slim has been one of the places to go for water-sports addicts to feed their craving of water-adventure activities like water-rafting, water abseiling and many more. For Nazirul Nazrin who was born and bred in Ulu Slim, he started Projek Outdoor together with his family, where they provide outdoor activities including a unique Orang Asli experience where visitors get a chance to learn about Orang Asli lifestyle with activities like cooking rice inside bamboo tubes, setting up animal-traps and a host of others.

“We have received both local and international tourists from the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries who were beyond ecstatic when they were here,” said Nazirul.

Situated further from town, Ulu Slim River is blessed with a bit of everything including a hot spring called Kampung Ulu Slim Hot Spring which is currently under maintenance. For now, guests can head to Projek Outdoor for an awesome experience of water rafting. Whether this is your first time or you are a white-water veteran, the Ulu Slim River will provide an exciting and thrilling adventure for your family and friends.

Projek Outdoor: White Water Rafting Ulu Slim River RM180 per person (minimum six persons). Price includes transport, rafting equipment, guide, washroom, snack, mineral water and photo.

Difficulty level: 3-4; distance: 8km
Contact: 019 513 4193


Tasek Embayu Proton City

Proton Embayu Lake City is a well-known recreational spot located in a residential area in Proton City, Tanjung Malim. The artificial lake garden is furnished with various recreational facilities for visitors. The park has facilities such as eateries, grocery, clinic, playground, mosque and others. Many activities are held here and in the evening many people can be seen jogging around the lake. To reach this place simply take the north-south highway, and come out at the Tanjung Malim exit and follow the old road towards Ipoh. You will reach Proton City after a few minutes’ drive outside Tanjung Malim.


The National Education Museum

The National Education Museum is located on the campus of Sultan Idris University of Education (UPSI), Tanjung Malim. It is an old but modernized building with interesting features that is also known as Bangunan Suluh Budiman. The Museum is registered as a National Heritage building on November 12, 2009 for its important historical value to national development, particularly in the field of teaching and education. The museum has art exhibitions and old treasures that symbolise the achievement of the education system in Malaysia from the pre-independence era till now. The museum has 21 galleries, two reading rooms as well as reference materials.

UPSI is a Public Institution of Higher Education (IPTA) which plays an important part in the history of our nation’s education. This institution grew in stages from a college to a renowned university. On May 1997, the institution was named Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris under the Government gazette RU. (A) 132 & 133 dated 24th February 1997 under the Order of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris(Corporation) and the Order of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (Campus) 1997.

National Education Museum
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak.
Tel: (05) 450 6680/ 450 6667/ 450 6665/ 450 6676
Visiting Hours: Monday – Sunday 9am-4pm
Free entrance


Sarang Art Hub

A visit to the Muallim district would not be complete without a trip to Sarang Art Hub, a place where the public especially the youth, go for good food and art events. Located at the former rest house of Tanjung Malim, Sarang Art hub started last year where among its co-founders is one of Malaysia’s top film director, Mamat Khalid, known for his cynical-comedy films such as Zombie Kampung PisangHantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah and many more. “The idea of having an art hub was first to provide a platform for the youth to show off their talents. The name ‘Sarang’ was chosen to represent house for art enthusiasts.” said Mamat Khalid.

Upon entering the house, get ready to feast your eyes on unique and rare paintings and sculptures made by local artists and students of UPSI that can be purchased directly from Sarang Art Hub. Mamat and his team also built a grand stage made out of ships’ containers where bands perform. Aside from art affairs, Sarang Art Hub is also a cafe serving both local and western cuisines including local favourites like Nasi Goreng PetaiKak Limah Mengilai (Petai Fried Rice), Mee Goreng Pak Jabit (Fried Noodles) and their signature dish, Sarang Cheesy Chicken Chop.

Sarang Art Hub opens every day except Thursday from 3pm till late.

Facebook at
Location: Sarang Art Hub, Jalan Rumah Rehat, Taman Bandar, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

A Haven for Foodies

Get ready for a gastronomic adventure when you visit Muallim as you will be stumbling onto good restaurants and cafes that serve the very best of Muallim. Even the YDP of Tanjung Malim, Mohd Syukri Azaari when asked about Muallim’s best attraction, believes that their food is the reason why tourists keep coming back.

Take Umi Sushi for example, the first and currently the only Japanese restaurant in Tanjung Malim. Among items that grab attention are their homemade gyoza (chicken dumplings), Sushi Moriawase (Mixed sushi), Futomaki (Thick Roll) and assorted sushi on the kaiten-belt ranging from RM1.90 to RM5.90 per plate. They also serve lunch and dinner sets including fresh salmon sashimi, chicken katsu, udon, soba, tempura, bento and many more.

Umi Sushi is located near UPSI campus at No. 33 & 33A, Ground Floor Jalan U1, Taman Universiti, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak. Reservations can be made at 05 458 2606.

Another must try eatery when visiting Muallim is the legendary Aman Gado Gado (Sundanese/Jawanese style salad) that has been serving the best gado gado for over three generations located at the Tanjung Malim food court (stall 20). Owner Saifuzzaman bin Harun or known as Aman, took over the business from his father circa 1996. He started by helping his father prepare the dish and slowly his passion developed and decided that he should pursue it full-time.

“I went to pursue my studies and played rugby when I was young, I planned for a different career but soon realised that it has always been about helping my father and doing business,” said Aman.

What sets Aman Gado Gado apart from others is their special secret peanut sauce that was created by Aman’s grandparents. “We receive many orders and do catering for weddings. Despite our location in Perak, I’ve customers coming from Kuala Lumpur just to have a plate of our signature Gado Gado,” said Aman who can sell more than two hundred bowls of Gado Gado every day.

Aside from selling the salad, there is also curry mee, chicken rice and ABC drinks to try. Aman Gado Gado opens every day from 9am till 6pm. For catering, readers can call Aman and his team at 014 669 3544.

Saving the best for the last, Yik Mun is undoubtedly the most popular eatery in town and one of the oldest restaurants in Tanjung Malim, and over the years their pau have become famous nationwide. The halal dumplings come with four fillings which are curry chicken, curry beef, kaya (coconut jam) and kacang merah (red bean).

Begun by the Kok Hainanese family, back in 1926, the paus are irresistibly delicious while their coffee and tea which attracted travellers patronising their tiny coffee shop in the early days, have taken second place.

Today, decades later, Yik Mun is well known throughout the country, with established shops and eateries serving the traditional delicacies recognised as ‘The Famous Tanjung Malim Pau’.

Yik Mun is currently housed in a corner shop-lot along the Tanjung Malim-Kuala Lumpur main road (near the traffic light intersection). Other than their famous Curry Chicken Pau, the shop also serves Chinese, Malay and hawker food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the food here is halal. Customers can also purchase Yik Mun’s frozen pau, homemade kaya spread and fresh 3-in-1 coffee packs.

Address: 6043 Jalan Slim River, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.
Tel: 05 459 6380
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday, 9.30am-9.30pm (last order at 9pm).


Building up the District

With its location between Selangor and Perak, Muallim certainly has potential in both the tourism as well as industrial scene. The district officer of Muallim, Nor Sham Rahman believes that Muallim can be one of the must-visit districts in Perak, “With our strategic location, I hope the domestic and international investors will see the bright future our district has to offer and create jobs opportunity that will help boost our economy,” said Nor Sham.

There you go readers! We have listed you the places and activities and we’re passing you the torch to explore and find the hidden gems of Perak’s newest district, Muallim. Have fun!

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