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People with No Civic Sense

Thumbs Down

I go regularly to the Ipoh Echo office in Greentown Business Centre to attend editorial meetings. I park my car at the basement car park along Persiaran Greentown 4 and walk along the five-foot path across the road to reach the office.

For the past few months I have noticed that a section of tiles along the path between Seven 11 and Subway have become dislodged. The affected tiles cover about half the breadth of the footpath. I see many men and women smartly dressed, whom I presume to be educated, walking along the path. Most of the time part of the walkway is blocked by motorcycles parked in the five-foot path. The pedestrians have to walk through the dislodged tiles.

I wonder why no one has bothered to make a complaint about this problem. Has our society lost its civic sense? It looks like the attitude of our so called educated and uneducated people in boleh land is the same.

The Management Committee of the building must be proactive and carry out maintenance work as required and not wait for tenants to complain before taking action.

Next year is Visit Perak Year and we want to attract tourists. Is this the type of maintenance culture we want the tourists to see?

A. Jeyaraj

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