Relocation of Two Express Bus Companies

There has been talk of relocating the Ipoh-Teluk Intan Express and Ipoh-Taiping Express at Ipoh Medan Kidd station to Terminal Amanjaya. A lot of passengers are against this move, as it will incur unnecessary expenses to travel to their respective locations, some have to take two more stage buses. Unless the Medan Kidd station is shifted to nearby Amanjaya, it will burden the public. Bloodsucking taxi drivers are there to cheat passengers by charging high fares.

Ipoh-Teluk Intan Express plans to terminate their service as it cannot suffer loss with the high management cost at Amanjaya. I had been using this bus service for more than four decades. It will be a very sad day if this service is terminated.

It is now time for the state government to take action so that the public would not be burdened again during these hard times.

One plan is for the Ipoh-Teluk Intan Express bus to use the Ipoh Garden-Bercham road prior to stopping at Amanjaya. Instead of taking the highway at Gopeng.

Chris Ng Chong Phee

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