Olivia Nicholas

This issue, Ipoh Echo met Olivia Constance Nicholas, an Ipohite who is making waves in the world of beauty pageants.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the world of pageants, Olivia, 24, never sees it as a competition but views it instead as a chance to learn and grow.

“I learn so much, it’s beyond mind blowing what you can grasp. Entering the world of pageantry has given me the chance to speak up and fight for my cause, which is to educate people about the dangers of social engineering (the scam of tricking people into giving up confidential information such as bank information and passwords),” said Olivia.

This enthusiastic lady earned her degree in the field of Law from the Multimedia University in Malacca and is an alumni of Convent School, Ipoh. Although the crown and sash is often viewed as the highlight of the competition, Olivia believes that it takes more than crowns to define why pageantry is so important to her.

“The crown doesn’t define who I am. But by winning it, I get to do something good and perhaps make a difference. I am all about giving back, paying it forward and doing the right thing, which clearly reflects me. I’d rather be morally right first before being socially correct,” added Olivia, who also has an identical twin sister, Olinda, a full time lawyer who takes modelling as a hobby.

Currently, Olivia is representing Malaysia for the Miss International 2016 pageant alongside 81 other countries including Australia, France, Haiti, China, Sierra Leone and more. Held in Japan on October 27, the competition was born in California, USA in 1960, with aims to nurture nature and develop peace loving souls, rising above language and race differences, through the love and the goodness of women.

Ipoh Echo wishes the very best for Olivia and good luck!

Ili Aqilah

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