Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter Celebrates 7th Anniversary

“The aim of Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter (MTRS) is not to produce brilliant students. It wants to create self-awareness and boost self-esteem of the deprived children and enable them to become part of society. In the beginning of the year more than 30 students registered themselves to attend the classes. Over time many  quit for various reasons and only a few students continue their studies. I request the guests present to convince the parents not to take the children away from their classes.” This was the message from Dr J Anantham, Director of MTRS to the attendees

Former student Esther said that she was with MTRS for three years and participated in My School programme. She attended sewing classes which were organised by MTRS for about two years. She is now in KL and stitches sari blouses, Punjabi suits, shirts and pants. She is grateful to MTRS for identifying her talent and providing the opportunity to pursue her career.

Maureen Benedict, a former teacher, has been a volunteer with MTRS for seven years. She feels that children must have identity and  dignity. MTRS gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel they are part of society. They have a potential which has to be developed. Personal success for her comes when she sees the children blossoming and glowing. She shares her experiences with others and encourages them to become volunteers.

The students put on a display of songs and choral speaking.

“We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

The Shelter needs volunteers and sponsors. For further details call : 05 241 0751.

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