MyBas Ipoh Bus Transformation Programme a Failure

Although the myBAS service was fully operational from September 2015 with increase of more trunk and feeder routes, it still failed to improve public transport to create a more integrated transportation system to the consumers in Ipoh, as there was no study of the routes due to poor management by Perak Transit operators. For the first few days when it began almost all the buses left Medan Kidd, but after six days, I noticed that a large number of MyBAS buses were parked at the station. There was no proper schedule to depart from the station. Also due to lack of proper study, there are often buses overlapping routes, with a few buses running the same routes with no passengers.

Why do we need so many buses going to Ipoh city at the same time, and why are buses going to Tiger Lane area when knowing full well that residents there will not use this mode of transport. Similarly for empty buses heading to the airport. Public transport is needed to and from private hospital routes and these should be a priority. Up till now there is no bus service connecting Bercham to the Tasek Industrial Area to facilitate the working people. Again I had to wait for 45 minutes to take a bus from Tesco Extra Bercham to Medan Kidd.

There is a need for SPAD to sit down and make a detailed study of the important routes rather than wasting public money which does not bring good for the public..SPAD should instead appoint a better operator to achieve its target. Perak Transit is still poor in managing the drivers, where  the practice still exists that whenever a driver fails to report for duty, the bus will be parked at the station the whole day. We do not want this type of scenario to happen again.


Chris Ng Chong Phee

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